If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Okay, what was that? I'm going to get out of this forest. NOW.

Evil, but oddly hot...

Dangit, I shouldn't have used that cryogenic sleeping machine...

That would have to be a big bed.

Have a staring contest, the winner get's her hat.

Wonder what this young girl is doing in my bed staring at me.

I'd be...really scared...

Wait... This isn't my bedroom, where am I, and why do you keep kicking up the chair?



Cocaine is a helluva drug.

Oh god, am I gong to get my performance torn apart by Yahtzee now?

What the fu-*notices skeleton has a bomb* Dangit, this is the second time toda-*BOOM!*

Why are you still here?

Shoot her with duel pellet pistols.

make me a sandwich will ya

looks at Stutkid's badges. "yes quite nice, now make me soup."

I don't quite remember you being so evil... or having such bushy eyebrows...

Stop flapping around so much, im trying to sleep.

put those wings away and gimme some blanket

My, I don't remember your eyebrows being so bushy last night.

A piece of paper...

*Blows nose

Oh dear god, there is a city in my bedroom, with a clown soldier! *Hides under covers*

Oh! A SCYTHER! And a shiny one at that! I'm gonna catch it!

Someone replaced my sheets with Japanese characters.

I wonder what these words mean?

Oh never mind, I'm far too sleepy.

What is this I don't even

"Oh. I knew I never had much taste."

Absolutely not.

quit poking me with those wires and go to sleep

Go away, its not halloween yet demon child...

The only feathers I want are the ones in my pillow. Out you go.

Sorry, no pirates here *kicks out.*

Kicking you out 'cause I'm no pirate.

So, how did you lose your eye?

So wanna go again

Please... don't eat my head.

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