Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Didn't work, I blocked all pies with a well-placed force-field and my Psionics.

I freeze you in pylon, cover you in a scent that makes the Zerg ravenously hungry, and dump you on Char. Bonne appitite! Creepy Clown feast!

I get eaten by zerg then repair myself and kill you with 47 million and one pies with a grenade in each pie.

I throw you into a pit where they keep all of the hentai tentacle monsters.
Have fun!

I kick you into the very same pit.

They think I'm one of them, and I order them after you.

Uses my magical glove that can only steal non-physical things and steals all of your self-esteem. You become a depressed singularity and commit suicide. :D

*Stains your white suit with red wine, and then puts it through the dry cleaning process, with you still inside.*


Can I shoots kitteh?

You can never go wrong with a knife.

Conventional guns are too quick! It is better to savor the moment with one of these:


I shall also tickle your feet with a feather while you are strapped in to see if you'll laugh.

I would keep feeding you bacon until your heart stops.

Time to replace the life support tubes with life leeching tubes.

Go magikarp! Use a splash attack! It was super effective?!

I sit you down in the comfy chair!

Well that doesn't seem too bad.

I would throw you into a room with Asakura and lock the door.

I would punch you in the face. Really, REALLY hard.

Surgically remove your brain, without using anesthesia on you.

I coat you in the sweetest substance on Earth, then kick you into a pit of cats. Their rough tongues eventually rip your flesh right off of your entire body, and you bleed to a painful death, surrounded by felines.

Put you inside a sloth costume with the hands and feet of it tied together so you can hang effortlessly on a pole attached to a balcony in a busy street, feeding you donuts on a stick through a little face hole until you get so fat the stitching comes undone.

Mind-fuck Neonbob so that he thinks that you're a whale.

Create "The Human Newspaper" out of you. This ofcourse includes being sent through the printing press and being crushed, repeatedly by the machine. Should be a laugh.

I'm not human, so that doesn't work.

I just psi-blast my way out.

I mess with your playlist so that all of High School Musical is stuck in a permanent loop, driving you to suicide.

I sit back and watch, as he does all the work himself by crashing into the overmind.

I'd trap you in a room with Snarf.

I'd trap you in a room with Snarf.

You sick bastard... no one could survive that... except for me of course... don't get any ideas...


I would finalize the merger between Planet Express and Mom's Mega-corporation.

Pluck out his eyes and go from there.

I would only allow her to eat salt and vinegar chips, we'll see how long she can last.

I'd stuff you full of pudding!

The scrapyard should have some toys for that.

Let's see you survive hurricane speed winds!

Lock you in a room and make you listen to Banished's Chatroulette Jam for 5 years you say? I'd love to!

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