Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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No, he seems to have other things going on in the upper left of the room he is in...

No. You look like some kind of Doctor. I don't like Doctors.

Maybe? Are you some sort of artifact?

Sure, I am a dragonborn after all! *not lying*

Well at the very least I can use him as a distraction while I run away...

Of course.
I know that big guy has my back. We're the the Miami Vice team on The Escapist.

Sure, that expression just screams "trust me".

I don't know, he doesn't looke quite tough enough to be of any help.

Sure, why not?

I guess so

As long as he can operate a gun correctly

Sure you shoot everything and I'll take all their loot.

Sure, as long as you can getaway fast after out heists!

Sure, I can trust him to throw the One Ring into Mt. Doom

I can trust him to not be corrupted by the power of the One Ring.

I'm friends with tons of Dragons. They're awesome! Sure I'd trust Eclipse...
I'm not racist against Dragons... not at all... even if Alduin did kill my family :(

Yes, because dragons and clowns both haunt some people's nightmares.

Yeah, tacos and dragons have historically been known to be the bestest of friends

Only if he doesn't let his aggressiveness go too far!

Yes, since I like cats :3

As long as he doesn't try and scratch my legs

I breathe fire and Tacos (with enough hot sauce) can make people breathe fire.
Sounds perfect, he fuels my flame.

Yep, due to racism I believe all dragons are tough.

Yes, we share the same first badge.

I doubt it, he looks kinda scary to me.

Yep. When in doubt, EXTERMINATE.

He doesn't seem particularly trustworthy...

Yes, we share the same second badge.

Yes, we both post from places we shouldn't *work for Dragon, college for me!*

Yes, we share no badges in the top five, but I trust him anyway.

Yes, dragons have never let me down before

I have never had a bad taco before! So yes!

Maybe not. He seems too cuddly to defeat the Archdaemon Loligagger the Dark.

Ma'am. What are your special abilities? Looking cute? That's it?

Well we're fucked.

since I have no idea who you are, I could say the same thing...

A vicious cute dragon! Of course I trust you!

No, because I say so and because I just noticed that there's a typo in the thread title.
aboue you

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