Truth or False?

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False, all I have to do is remove the "The" from "The wizard", and it makes a humorous sentence.

The person below is evil.

True and False.
I don't think I'm evil, but someone might think I am. (Don't know why, but I guess they might)

The Clown:
False, all I have to do is remove the "The" from "The wizard", and it makes a humorous sentence.

The person below is evil.

No, you have to use all of them... now then...

The person below me will never actually write a humorous sentence out of my badge order... and certainly not in their next post...


A chatty wizard will thaw her frozen robes by the fire.

The person below will tell me the identity of the person whose picture Yahtzee makes fun of in nearly every video.

False. I don't know.

The person below me will use the word 'false' in their response to this statement.

*Due to the possibility of the universe imploding by such paradoxes, this answer has been deemed too dangerous to be shown*

The person people me is a great and selfless person, because he/she donated to Desert Bus

I am, but not because I donated to Desert Bus. I gave my transit day pass to someone else when I was done with it Saturday night.

The person below me drinks more coffee each day than they probably should.

False. I'm not fond of coffee.

At this very moment, the person below me is plotting my downfall.

If i can figure out what you are then i might... but for now... FALSE.

The person below me hates geometry.

false i love all but statistics in math

the person below me has a lolita complex

No, that's disgusting.

The person below drinks water regularly.

false, I almost always drink other liquids, usually some alcoholic beverage or JUICE

The person below me wishes that i could be bothered to come up with a better question

True, that was crap.

The person below me takes more than an 30 minutes to do their hair in the mornings.

False, get up, ruffle, go.

The person below is not particularly athletic.

False. 10 years of badminton, before that 2 years of swimming, all county level.

The person below me is prefers apple over orange juice.

True, on a larger scale than you would ever have thought possible.

The person below drinks milk by itself sometimes, no heating, no sugar.

False. I don't particularly like milk on it's own.

The person will have pineapple on his/her pizza.

false, only ever margarita or sometimes chicken if I'm feeling exotic.

The person below used to or does wear glasses.

True. I do. My eyesight is still getting worse as well, and I was crapping it when it got worse than my dad's eyesight 2 years ago. -.-'

The person below me has stolen from a pick 'n' mix.

How did you know? True... *runs away*

The person below me has a big group of friends.(the physical world, not the Escapist world mind you.)

Not really. I have a bunch of good friends then I'm just generally friendly with everyone.

The person below me hates HL2 (and episodes)

False. I love them.

The person below is tired of these forum "games".

False. There is always something going on, half of the time cause by me.

The person below me has less posts than me.


The person below me has spent at least 24 hours browsing the Escapist forum.


The person below has work to do and really shouldn't be here.

True, history and extended project homework :/

The person below me has a cold.

Sorta', runny nose. So close enough lol

The person below me has a hampster

False. I have neither a hampster, nor a hamster.

The person below thinks I'm an asshole because I correct people.

sorry double post


The person below me thinks gingers have no souls.

true since cartman says so

the person below me likes to watch The Jersey Shore

False, never even heard of it.
The person below me is crazy and actually believes Conan O'Brien actually is funny.

False, he has his moments, but I'd rather hear him play guitar than his jokes.

The person below me was born outside of the US.

True. I was born in England.

THe person below me wears mittens over gloves.

False, but I really should try that.
The person below me types with his nose (and this spells terribly).


The person below me has never seen a Narshlob before.

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