Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Titles himself!

President of Ireland.

Owner of the batman mobile.

Superhero phone salesman.

Pro hitman.

The heart and soul of the backing vocals in Dark side of the moon.

Number one Pink Floyd fan.

A sentient bottle of beer.

Is a glass half full... of vodka.

is a bartender in pizza-hut

Is a space man!

is a man-made space

Is David Bowie

he's rick astley

He is a hat murderer! D:

he's a hatnapper!

never take'em alive.

investigator on the latest hat disappearances

Leader of the dawn patrol!

leader of the parental guard (you know, that group of parents that walks around parks on friday nights, looking for young drinkers... they're always fun to mess with)

Cult leader of lemmings.

lemming acolyte

Apple eater!

orange beater!

An orange!

a leprechaun


OT: King of Albion!

Firo, that other Firo who knew Firo, but wasn't exactly Firo.

A tiny kitten.

A cloud repairman.

The craftiest motherfucker alive.

He calls everyone my the name "jim lad" >:D

a soft-bellied wench!



it's a monocle XD

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