Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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A hypocrite

Someone who likes clowns and explosions

Someonewho enjoys Thriller...

Someone who plans on changing their avatar soon!


Master of illusion.

Pokemon Trainer Joey!

JK Simmons

AM, the supercomputer!

From I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream?

That one COG soldier from Gears of War 1 who was killed by the berserker...

Yogurt maker. :ifyouknowwhatimean:

The brain of George Washington.

The Anti-Santa

The Anti-Tooth fairy

The anti-bomb!

Anti-dark matter generator... thing...

Dark energy.

343 guilty spark



The scatman.

The killer of Jazz.

The true thinker!

The exact opposite of Blue from "Blue's Clues"

Nacho cheese.

A radiated brain plushy

A man that was hit with radiation whilst he was in Taco Bell...the taco he was about to eat bit him and now he is...

Psychic Taco!

And now this man serves evil and vows to destroy Taco Bell and everyone eating tacos!

A quirky Japanese boy

Who has oddly colored hair!

One crazy Taco. Who knows how to have awesome avatars.

The hat from hogwarts

Someone who knows when to post!

A Canadian

Who doesn't love Canadians?

An ass kicking Taco karate master!

A space cat warrior of the 156th dimension.

A lizard that wishes it were a dragon

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