Would you rather?

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Frozen earth.

Would you rather live in the mountains or on the coast?


Would you rather be killed by the French or by Italians?

Slighty better army XD

Would you rather
Get stabbed
get shot


Would you rather be eaten by a German cannibal or wolves?


Would you rather drink a gallon of milk or a gallon of water?


I don't do milk. It's horribly disgusting to me.

Would you rather break your arm or leg?


Would you rather
Lose both your arms


Would you rather cramp someone's style or have your style be cramped.

Cramp another's style.

Would you rather be hungry or thirsty?


Would you rather
have the best time of your life But die in a week
a normal boring life
(nothing fun...AT ALL!!!)

I would go with the week option. (I believe i reincarnation)

Would you rather
Post a question
let the next fool do it

ah ehm

Would you rather be a web browser or an email client?

web browser

Would you rather
have 2 small squads
one big team that equals those squads

.....and my thread dies...

2 small squads. :0

Would you rather grow two extra arms, or have x-ray vision?

x ray

Would you rather
skydive from
a helicopter
a plane

A plane.

Would your rather get your parachute stuck in a rotary blade or the top of a very high tower?


Would you rather
play a game
read a book

Read a book?

Would you rather play an RPG or an FPS.


Would you rather make a canoe or a boat?


Would you rather
bombard your enemy with
artillery guns

Artillery guns on battle ships, duh.

Would you rather be a game developer or a CEO of a publisher?

Depends which one has the most money.
Seriously, developer. Preferably in the position of programmer.

Would you rather program or draw?


Would you rather learn to draw or play a musical instrument?

I'd like to learn how to play a musical instrument. I'm already satisfied with my drawing skillz.

Would you rather be a pirate or in the navy?


Would you rather

I don't know what either mean.

Would you rather:

A) Rule a corrupt empire on a dying world.
B) Sacrifice yourself to prevent the world from dying (so you're told).

Most definitely rule the corrupt one. My evil game of Fable 3 tells me it's quite fun.

Would you rather:

a) Have a one orgy with 3 women of your choosing, then never have sex again
b) Do nothing. Picking this option has no effect on your life whatsoever. If you want to have sex, you gotta work for it like the rest of us.


Would you rather
Play game A
game B

Eh I think I would rather game B...

Would you rather marry a dog or Michael Moore?

Hmm... This is where the definition of marriage has to be discussed.

Traditionally, a marriage is a union between a man and a woman. As a man, I would have to be paired with a woman, of which Michael Moore and a dog are neither.

Well... it depends on the dog, and with Michael Moore I could hold an intelligent political conversation, which would be fun.

Ehh... but dogs are cute...


Would you rather be blinded or castrated? (Yep, keeping the standards up, arent I?)


Would you rather
blow up
get crushed

Well, being blown up would be quick. Being crushed would be excruciating and terrifying.

Would you rather
run naked through your town centre
swim through your towns sewer system
(I'm coming up with some really philosophical questions here, arent I?)

naked time

Would you rather
wonder why
keep going

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