Would you rather?

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Deaf. Current day cybernetics may have a chance to fix that.

Would you rather live in a Steampunk or a Cyberpunk setting?

I can't choose... Well, Maybe of I go cyberpunk I can get some machine to switch between both settings...

Would you rather eat spaghetti or lasagna?

*Starts eating spaghetti*


Would you rather be in a zombie apocalypse or a robot uprising?

It doesn't matter, either way, I started it.

Would you rather be killed by a werewolf or by a balverine?

Zombie Apocalypse.

Edit: Balverine.

Would you rather eat white chocolate or dark chocolate?


Would you rather drink Irish Coffee or a White Russian?

White Russian.

Would your rather drink Scotch straight up or on the rocks?

On the rocks.

Would you rather drink Vodka or J├Ągermeister?

Whichever takes me out faster.

Would you rather fall to your death or fall into a McDonald's?

McDonald's I guess. As long as won't have to eat there.

Would you rather have your mind in the body of a person of the opposite sex or an inanimate object?

Opposite sex.

Would you rather fall to your death and be forced to eat at McDonald's or fall into a McDonald's and be forced to eat at McDonald's?

Death + McDonald's. At least I would be dead enough that I wouldn't care.

Would you rather have an overload of chips or salsa?

Both. At the same time.

Would you rather have a claw hammer or a screwdriver?


Would you rather kill this thread or get an avatar?

I already have an avatar.

Would you rather loose an eye or an arm?

Depends if I can replace them with a bionic one...

Would you rather have a bionic arm or a bionic eye?

Why cant I have both? =/

Would you rather wake up next to Gordon Freeman or JC Denton?

I don't know who JC Denton is, so I'll have to choose Dr. Freeman.

Would you rather sleep with a rabid bear or a poisonous snake?

A snake I guess...

Would you rather sleep in a single or a double bed?

The snake. There is no anti-dote to being mauled.
And look up Deus Ex. Now.

Would you rather play an old game that looks like ass but is fun to play, or a beautiful copy-pasted generic FPS?

That depends... How much fun is the old game?

Would you rather sleep in a single or a double bed?


Would you rather have really sour or really sweet candy?

Really sweet obviously.

Would you rather type backwards or upside down for fhe rest of your life?


Would you rather discover that you forgot pants, or everything but the pants?

Everything but the pants.

Would you rather discover that you failed the turing test or failed a math test?

The Turing test. Then I could brag about being a computer.

Would you rather live above the polar circle or below?
That means that for a few moths the sun never rises in winter, and never sets during summer.

Below, it's way too cold up there.

Would you rather live on the North Pole or in the Sahara?

North Pole.

Would you rather do something yourself, or fix it after someone makes a mess out of it?

Fix it after IF they fuck up

Would you rather
Play game A
or game B

Game X!

Would you rather be able to fly at any time, any distance or be able to teleport anywhere withing 10 meters once every 60 minutes?


Would you rather use the metric system
(meters centimeters and that)
what we use in the USA
(inches feet and what not)

Metric. And the inferior system is called imperial.

Would you rather use a system built around fractions of ten, or whatever the hell the creator thought of.

Fractions of ten!
Woo! Metric!

Would you rather do things with cookies or with cream?


Would you rather have a top hat or a monocle?

A monocle!


Would you rather post images or post videos?

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