The Improvement Game.

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how does one improve linux?

how does one improve unicorns


How does one improve women?

less clothes!
how does one improve that answer?

removing the troll gene.
How does one improve Pulp Fiction?

Advertise the Kahuna Burger more often.
How does one deal with nostalgic people?

By talking about what they are nostalgic about!

How does one improve a steak dinner?

With more animal meat.

How do you improve a classic ps1 game?

You don't, because some of those games are too amazing to need much improvement. Case in point:

How do you improve that series as a whole?

free blow jobs with every purchase of a game.
How does one improve the internet?

By having a button that can ban idiots from using it.

How do you improve a meat pie?

by adding bacon

How do you improve the banhammer?

by adding bacon.
How does one improve bacon?

by putting it in grilled cheese.

How does one improve a hot fudge sunday?

by adding cake to eat when you finish it.
How does one improve apples

by dipping them in caramel dip.

How does one improve fire?

by adding marshmallows.

How does one improve youtube?

make me be able to punch dumb people through the internet

How do you improve real life?

by adding marshmellows.

How do you improve fireworks?

By adding massive flames


How do you improve Final Fantasy 9?

with a free blow job dispenser with every purchase

You are doing it AGAIN!

How does one improve a bag of Doritos?

with a highlander marathon

by adding alcohol


How does one improve clocks?

By having them hang around your neck by a chain.

by accidentally causing it to have a resonance cascade

How do you improve mantis men?

with bacon!

How do you improve an Apple?

By getting it to run Linux :3

How do you improve Linux?

You code/program it yourself

How do you improve Windows?

Delete the System32 of course. That makes it go so fast that you can't even see the screen.
How would you improve a cupcake?

by giving it chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

How would you improve memory foam pillows?

By stuffing it full of feathers.
How would you improve a Yoshi?

By giving it some zebra stripes.

How do you improve a zebra.

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