The Improvement Game.

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Make them wear more bright colours.

How do you improve hip hop??

More hip less hop.

How do you improve break dance?

It's broken, so fix it...

How do you improve your girlfriend's mood??

By punching her in the eye hole.

How do you improve a black eye?

according to Hagdrid (from Harry Potter) placing dragon stake on the sore eye.

How would you make myspace cool again?

Go back in time... (alternatively you could just destroy all other social networking sites...)

How do you improve your passport photo??

Add a fun border.

How do you improve me??

add me as a friend^^

How do you improve anime?

By making it real life.

How do you improve the Super-Powerful-Obliterates-Everything-In-Its-Path-Palm-Laser-Strike?

mass produce it.

How do you improve the mass effect 3 ending?

Make a Mass Effect 3 Ending Construction Kit and give it away to everyone.

How do you improve Mass Effect Gameplay?

You add less cover and more parkour...and swords...what?

How do you improve Mass Effect's conversation system?

Design it so that you can use your mic so you can say whatever you want to the people. Each phrase you utter will gain a different reaction. That would be awesome, and impossible(?) to build.

How do you improve virtual reality?

By adding making it meld into actual reality.

How do you improve My Little Pony?

Bring back Trixie!

How do you improve Doctor Who?

By not beating me in the face for now watching Dr. Who.

How do you improve Amano.

By explaining WTF Amano is? *shrug*

How do you improve Raptor: Call of the Shadows?

By explaining WTF Amano is? *shrug*

Yoshitaka Amano is an artist primarily known for his Final Fantasy art

On Topic:
By updating the fsking graphics on the game and it'll be all good. Also adding flying velociraptors would be good too.

How would you improve strapping a velociraptor into the cockpit of an F-22 Raptor?

Give him a monocle. I win hands down. :P

How would someone improve youtube?

By adding more videos about cats riding bicycles. And less ads. And less censorship.

How would you improve the probability of getting a Straight Flush in Texas Hold'em?

By wearing that suit you get in Red Dead Redem that lets you cheat but sure is swag. :D

How do I improve you?

By giving me an even larger than life personality.

How do I improve you?!

By being my friend >.>

How do you improve quiz shows???

by changing the location each time "Now we're in Australia" "Now we're in Ireland" "Now we're in Antarctica... I don't get paid enough for this"

How do you improve gyms?

Make them give you money for going there, and more money for actually doing some exercise there.

How do you improve money?

By having more of it! :D

How do you improve "The Legend of Korra"?

release more episodes more frequently

How do you improve James Cameron's Avatar?

By having Commissar Cain killing that damn xeno's lover in the movie with his chainsword! :D

How do you improve the beach?

by making it a backyard beach.

How do you improve Phineas and Ferb's Summer?

By watching a better show. :D

How do you improve a tank?

100 ft laser death tanks,whatever that is.

How do you improve godzilla?

Put him in New York with King Kong.

How do you improve New York??

Mount a mega-death-lazer-cannon on top of the Empire State Building.

How do you improve New York traffic?

Give people common sense, patience, and consideration.

How do you improve human nature?

By adding logic to the equation. Cold calculating logic.

How do you improve logic?

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