The Advice Game

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This is a simple game. Post a solution to the above person's problem than post your own problem.


There is no one there, so I can't solve your problem!

There are zombies in my hair... HELP!

Have fun!

Equip fire hat(8 bit theater gag). I think there is also some shampoo for that
I need to zombie proof my dorm room

Use garlic, I hear that helps.

I am on fire.

Good, I like that badge. ^^

I have no eyes!

Is there a badge for that? (Remember, help people out! XD)


*makes you Daredevil*

Help! I can't stop making internet references!

My hand is a dolphin!

I need help!

Brooklyn Rage!

Seriously you guys, help me out here! What should I do?

Burn it all!

I swear I've made this sort of game before! DX Actually... I have. o.O

I swear I've made this sort of game before! DX Actually... I have. o.O

But this isn't a medical thread! O.o

I can't stop watching Team Four Star!

Stop trying for the Inferno badge.

How do I rig a rigid body component that has its position and relative rotation influenced by two exterior components which both interdependent on said rigid body for their rotations when still that same component drives the position for another component.
The answers are "don't", "very carefully" or "cheat".

Use magic man. That will solve your problem, probably.

The Rower keeps ignoring me!

Continue stalking him until he gives(note:M is not responsible for the result of doing so)

Help, I think my new room mate may be a vampire, the suck your blood kind not the just-plain-suck kind

Invest in wooden stakes and expensive UV lighting equipment.

Help! My boat is sinking!

Plug up all holes, I recommend duct tape

I seem to be having trouble taking this little punks weirdly coloured rat

Sorry, can't help you with that.

Someone know how to row a boat? Cause I'm kind of floating towards a waterfall.

Yes I do, I shall help ^^

Help! I am falling trough the sky!


Somebody tell me what the next winning lotto numbers are.

1,2,3,4,5,6 worth a shot. ^^

I need 10p ^^

Use a metal detector.

Ham is expensive but delicious! What should I do?

Get ninja training then steal it.

I want The Walking Dead vol 4 but I can't find it! what ever should I do? D:

Use the internet!

My lair needs improving, what can I add to make it more lethal?


Where do I hide my porn without anyone finding it!


Where do I hide my porn without anyone finding it!

EDIT: Sorry about the 2X post.

in plain sight,like hiding the remote control on top of the television.

my spoon is too big!

Spoon is never too big

Help, my caplocks key is broken. Now I can't speak in all cap

Keep shouting

Try this one, my computer sucks, help me get better parts.

Do everything from 2:48 onwards

(semi serious) My hands has been twitching and while my guitar skills are unaffected, my handwriting has been shot to hell

Cut back on the caffeine... and write slower.

My wings feel stiff.

Get someone else to help you clean and massage them I suppose.

I want to increase my guitar playing speed

Get mechanical limbs.

I have no '' ke, on m keboard.

Just swear more no one will notice.

I can't feel my legs.

Jump from someplace high until you can.

My couch should be more comfortable. What should I do...?

Add puppies.

I have an itch that won't go away. Help!

Use a power drill. That'll teach the itch to stay away!

I'm a millipede and I need to put on my shoes, but I have somewhere I need to be in 5 minutes. What should I do?

Hire ants to put them all on you, all at once.

I'm an internet poster who wants to learn the art of winning. What should I do?

Necro your own threads for great justice.

I'm addicted to this site, what do?

Post more! It's not an addiction. And I'm not just enabling you

My first driving lesson was disastrous, how do I dispose of evidence?

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