Ok, the main character of the last game you played attacked you... How screwed are you?

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Soap and Price? I'm straight up fucked

Cthulhu? Fhtagn!


Let's see, last game I played was Persona 4.... so.... I'd be attacked by an aspect of myself? Holy crap, that's what the whole game is about! Wait, am *I* Shadow Me?! NOOOOOOO!

My Courier "Blonde" on New Vegas. He can kill Deathclaws with a pair of spiked knuckles(One strong hit). Which means I'm currently dismembered and awkwardly positioned on a Radscorpion corpse. Crap.

Cthulhu? Fhtagn!


I don't know when, I don't know where, but I'm surely stuffed.


My pretender >god< in Dominions 3. He's a Lich King with very high death magic and has researched almost all spells. He has but to point his finger at me and I'll disintegrate. If he wants to get expensive he can do as much as have the whole world age at a rapid rate and have the dead leave their graves(, essentially bringing out the zombie apocalypse).

:( I'll try to convince him to only take me.

the Male pokemon trainer from Emerald? well i have a Marshtompy, Beautifly and Breloom, if he has them with him them i'm pretty damn screwed, probably won't die though, if he doesn't have them then that brat's in for some ABUSE!

Well, i've just finished playing Sins of a Solar Empire as the humans.
And won.

Yeah, we're all screwed because they'll just blow up Earth with 1/6th their fleet.

It's Gordan freeman what do you think

Oh god, Link is going to stab the master sword straight into my head, I am royally screwed.

Third Age: Total War. Well... I either go with Frodo and have a laugh, but since this is called "Lord of the Rings" ... How big was Sauron's mace again? *sigh*

Cole Phelps from LA Noire. I think I can take him somewhow. What's he gonna do nag me to death XD

ico? not much danger there...
well come to think of it' those horns do look pretty nasty and i dont fancy being beaten to death with a stick anytime soon

so it's the player character from yugioh world championship 2011?
meh, means I get to play card games! possibly on motorcycles!

A power-armor clad vault dweller with a microwave emitter that tends to implode peoples heads...

My character from Persona 3. He is quite low level,... but I still wouldn't want to deal with his freaking awesome Jack Frost.

john marston -_- well this wont go well...

Eldred from Sacrifice. And almight wizard who searches for a new plane of existance after destroying his old one, and they plays the 5 gods of the new plane out against each other.

I'd say I'm pretty much done for.

Niko Bellic and before that Soap McTavish. Well f***, either case, I'm screwed. Especially considering how I've been playing Niko. I might have a chance if I play dead... maybe.

Ummmmm...hai Samus.. i see youve got a supah missele loaded umm..
*Ridley comes*
*samus bursts out to tears*
Id be ok i guess...and Ridley and me are bro-hams :)

I probably just got sniped by Paragon Shepard. I knew I shouldn't have joined the Blue Suns.

The main character/super-soldier from Saints Row 2. Oh heavens.

Last game I played = EvE online
Main character? I'll just say my character's last spaceship.....
oh god. 1000 meter long potato with 4x pairs of 720mm artillery.... Firing fusion ammo.... Including drones....


Kratos. The God Of War.
Is it cheating killing yourself?

Serious sam. I'd say i'm Moderately screwed.


you tell me, i hope hes only got a silver

I'm screwed. Cole from Infamous.......need a suit made of rubber that shoots water at him

That guy from amnesia. I could probably just say boogly boogly woo and he would run away and hide in some cupboard. So im not screwed

Fighting a maxed-out Cao Ren from DW5: Empires.
I regret nothing.

Abe from Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. I'm mega screwed.

I just got Cole ice powers in InFamous 2, so...

Fuck me, if I don't get thunderstruck, I'll be a popsicle-kebab.

Dian Wei from Dynasty Warriors 3... id just lightly jog away from him cause he waddles

A two meter high version of myself the can punch trees?
I am not going to like this...

There's no main characters in HoN.... is the player's character in Oblivion the main character?

If so, i'm screwed. Son of a gun goes invisible at any time, and can back-stab me pretty hard, if i survived, a single spell of any kind would vaporize me.

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