Ok, the main character of the last game you played attacked you... How screwed are you?

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Codename: 47. Well on the one hand he is a mortal, on the otherhand he is 47. So yeah I think I would be death. Kind of depends if he forgot to bring any weapons with him, and I have a gun and I spot him from afar. Maybe just maybe I survive.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood... Fuck, well at least I'll never see it coming

Starcraft 2. I guess that's Jim Raynor then. Oh dear.

Infamous? Psh, good thing I'm a swimmer! Panzy is killed by water [Insert troll face] "You mad bro?"

Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher 2.

I guess I will be fucked....unless some swarm of enemies will crowd him or his dwarven allies will block him. (yeah, stupid allies lol)

I'm pretty screwed, I think.


Blob from DeBlob 2

I'll just stay in my yard and spray him with the hose if he gets too close.

Better throw out those cans of paint in the garage, too

James Sunderland? I can take that guy.

Looks like I have to fight Chell, the Dangerous Mute Lunatic.
Wonderful...maybe she has GLaDOS's phone number? :D

So, I'm under attack by... Mike?

Guy is an ace pitcher! My ass is grass!

The minecraft guy, hmmm depends if he has diamonds or tnt

Ike from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

Not quite sure there.

My character from Mount and Blade: Warband. I'm probably not too screwed, as long as I have any sort of firearm.

Unless... unless he has his army... in which case...

I played LFD2 which has 4 (8 including dlc) main characters...Would all of them attack me?

Considering I just started playing Fallout 3 my character is kinda shit... I guess I stand a chance, and he's quite nice so we could probably talk it out

Oh shit
Darth Revan from KOTOR is after me.
BUt he's light side, so maybe he'll spare me :D

The Nameles One from Planescape Torment!!!!
But he is Neutral Good, maybe hell spare me.

A dragon with a deck of cards? Bring it Bolas.

John Marston is coming after me? On the plus side, he's an ordinary human, on the negative side, he's an ordinary human with the habit of killing anyone who gets on his bad side...

[Spoiler Alert]

And if he can't do it his son can.


Mario attacking me with a FLUDD... I don't feel all that threatened... Unless he pins me down and drowns me with it.

Mario wouldn't do that right? ...

Threw Bowser into bombs.

He'd do it.

I don't think I'll ever feel safe again...

A fresh new character in Morrowind.

Considering he just ballsed up and died to some Cave Rats, somehow I think I'll be all right

As long as i dont have anything heavy bye me and no portal walls around me, i think i could take chell... then again, she is quite "well fed", so i guess she could sit on me.

Last game was Need For Speed: World. It's an MMO, so no main character, but dude I play as seems pretty well toned, but as long as I'm in a building, I'm safe. Unless he attacks on foot, but he can't.

Of course, the alternative is Preston Marlowe. I'd be screwed there.

Let's see who was the main character of the last game I... Kratos.

... Oh fu**K all kinds of duck.

Hmmm... Well, I just finished the story mode (FINALLY) to Mortal Kombat...

Yup. I'm royally fucked.

He would walk up to me, heighten his adrenaline to slow down time and blast me away with a battle rifle. The sound would however experience a 5 second delay, and finally he would state that "he should go".
Who is it?

Lv.20 Argonian Archer, max sneak, lockpicking, and blade.
D: yep, I dont stand a chance

bwahaha! I left those Final Fantasy dorks at level one!!! Sure, they got some swords... but no really cool magic! So if I run fast enough, I MIGHT LIVE!!!

Coach from left 4 dead. I'm fairly screwed, unless i'm also armed.

Alex Mercer...

Shit, ok...

I'm gonna need the US army, a highly trained group of biological warfare specialists, a load of super mutants, four shit-tons of zombies, hundreds of tanks and helicopters, a machine that can detect the Blacklight virus, and one hell of a prayer...

Last game I played was NHL 11. There is no 'main character' per se, but it features Jonathan Toews on the cover and opening video. I have a chance but he would still likely beat my ass down with a hockey stick. At least I'd survive the ordeal.

Last game I played is Plants vs Zombies, so I guess it is the zombie apocalypse in my case and since I live right next to a horticulture and farming school (it 3-4 min walk away), I guess I am in quite a good position. =p

paragon female shepard... hmm...

As a fellow canadian I could talk myself out of it... Else, Her puny infiltrator armor won't survive direct combat.

John Marston, I think I can take him. He is only a criminal turned good guy. Just a normal human.

Nooo, not Darius Mason. I actually like him as a character! I don't want to have to kill him in mortal combat.

So he's got a magnet gun, a machine gun, a shotgun, and a big-ass sledgehammer. Oh, and a personal computer to give him tactical feedback. Yeeeahh... i'm screwed!

Unless i get a gun. Then the time spent at the range is gonna pay off, baby.

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