Fortunately, Unfortunately

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Unfortunately, they are zombies and are adding as much zombie content into the game as possible
(Now that I think about it, we've had cowboys and zombies. Why not a medieval fantasy zombie apocalypse?)

Fortunately, you can never have too much zombie.

Unfortunately, those silly gamers are now looking to boycott the studio because of that decision

Fortunately: You end up back at your original time

Unfortunately: Stalin and Hitler fused into Robot Stintler! he rules over all

Fortunately: You have the magical powers of RET-CON.

Unfortunately: Ret-Cons are generally lame.

Fortunately, you are not empowered by a lame RET-CON, but one that is awesome.

Unfortunately, Fans of your escapades(...?) are a fickle bunch and are now rioting and looking for your head.
I think one of them may be wielding a gatling laser

Fortunately you're able to distract them all with a poster of Summer Glau, and are able to escape unnoticed.

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