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Preparing for interview LIKE A BOSS

Finish first day LIKE A BOSS

Getting dry LIKE A BOSS!

Not going to write a digital diary anymore LIKE A BOSS! xD

Master the UMP45 LIKE A BOSS
Work on the PKP Pecheneg LIKE A BOSS

Booting up Skyrim again LIKE A BOSS!

Mow the lawn LIKE A BOSS
Take out the garbage LIKE A BOSS

Listen to the most amazing Zelda song remix I've ever heard.

Drinking for no reason LIKE A BOSS!

Thinking of these two girls I like, LIKE A BOSS!

.SSOB A EKIL sdrawkcab gnitirW
.SSOB A EKIL ypeels yereV
.SSOB A EKIL deb ot gnioG
.SSOB A EKIL ylbisivni dna sdrawkcab gnitirW

Posting comments LIKE A BOSS!!!

Really tired LIKE A BOSS

Making Dream Eaters LIKE A BOSS!

First day of school LIKE A BOSS
Today actually went pretty good LIKE A BOSS

Met a girl a college LIKE A BOSS

Met a girl a college LIKE A BOSS

Go hit on her LIKE A BOSS!

OT: Giving advice LIKE A BOSS!

Going to bed LIKE A BOSS!!!

Scared about taking Japanese Proficiency Test tomorrow LIKE A BOSS
Wondering why my Japanese keyboard is not working LIKE A BOSS

Taking it easy LIKE A BOSS!

4 day weekend off LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!

Gonna make use of that time LIKE A BOSS!

Gonna enjoy 3 day weekend LIKE A BOSS
Stressing out about Japanese test tomorrow LIKE A BOSS

Probably going to spend the weekend alone LIKE A BOSS!


Just had lunch LIKE A BOSS!

Took a Japanese Proficiency test LIKE A BOSS
Probably failed because of the grammar section LIKE A BOSS
Got fingerprinted LIKE A BOSS

Get my ass handed to me by Beldr in Devil Survivor: Overclocked LIKE A BOSS!

Going to bed after watching Toonami LIKE A BOSS.

Having an Icecrea LIKE A BOSS!!!

Eating waffles LIKE A BOSS!

Doing chores LIKE A BOSS

Waiting for dinner LIKE A BOSS

Have a stomach ache LIKE A BOSS

Lament over Kingdom Hearts stupid ass story LIKE A BOSS!

Curious as to how dumb the story got LIKE A BOSS

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