If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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I'd tap that ass.

Get away from me!


No shirt? No problem

I don't usually swing, but with enough vodka those eyes...

...Kill it with fire? Kill it with fire indeed!

Oh GlaDoS, I love you.

Out of my bed, jailbait!

Oh goddammit Palin!

I cannot complain at all.

Sorry, I have an aversion to ghosts, even awesome famous ones.

Never watched the show you're from, so I barely know you.

Sakimichan has awesome awesome pictures =3

So does Meago. :p I used to follower their art back in middle school.

Those are some pretty epic sideburns I must say.

4chan link is blocked =S But I'm sure it looks nice!

I'm sure it's a ninja!

Eh. Can't complain. Although those eyes kinda creep me out.

Get away from me, you thing!

Were the musical tattoos already on before last night?

No ty. I like ginger girls the most but eugh.
I saw this on imgur. Its a pretty good drawing, but I still find the girl really ugly.

Mononoke? Mononoke! =D

Do not fancy at all.

Eep! Underage!

I won't complain.

Neither will I.

Go sob on Blonic's shoulder, not mine.

No. Go away now.

OI! This is MY BED! I should be kicking YOU off!

How long are those ribbons?!

Is your hair normally grey...? How old are you?!


An even bigger meh to you.

Not sure if kid or not. >_>

What are... no, nevermind, just get out.

This could go well.

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