If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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OI! This is MY BED! I should be kicking YOU off!

How long are those ribbons?!

Is your hair normally grey...? How old are you?!


An even bigger meh to you.

Not sure if kid or not. >_>

What are... no, nevermind, just get out.

This could go well.

The hell is up with your cat?

Why are your parents here as well O_o

I'm very ok with this.

I'm also okay with this.

I am NOT okay with that!

I'm not okay with this either.

Still nope!

.. I hope we didn't sleep together, else I think I'll be going to jail..



Wait, did we sleep together?


(Your image is broken so I'll respond to the next one above) When I asked for a waterbed, this isn't what I had in mind. Also, did someone glue your fingers together?

AAAAAAAAAAAAH! COW! Wait, how'd you get here anyway?

Not sure if legal or not. :/

I hope this one isn't broken...

Oh my god hotness I wanna BANG you! Egoraptor is awesome. :3

Captcha: more better

...That is not correct grammar Captcha! >:O


*looks at time* Huh...so I guess that makes you my valentine, eh? Me gusta. :3

I think she has less clothing on than I do >.>

As long as you don't explode me, I'm a happy guy!

She seems very interested in that dandelion.

Uhh...you've got something on your...umm...you know what, never mind.


I like apples, how did you know?

I feel like I wont the lottery.

Edit: You dirty little Ninja!
OT: Aw, she's still asleep. Now to escape before the cops come. *flees*

Oooh, she's a fun one... (don't take that literally, I'd be in jail if she was human I bet xD)

Oh my, Mio!? Were you this bold!? W-wanna do something lewd?

Oh, uh, um, uh. I'm sorry? Pwease don't hurt me. Pwease. I'll just step far, far away...

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