If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Get the hell out of my house.

Oh, you hijack my bed, and I'M the asshat? Get out of here, kid.

The severed heads are a deal breaker. Sorry.

Someone knows Shakugan no Shana!? Also, looks like I need to get more melon bread.

Hey Ratchet. Why are you pointing a gun at me?

Ah, dear Etna. What a great minion you would make.


There are maids... EVERYWHERE!

Would you mind smoking that outside?...Or inside?...Or whatever the inverse is of wherever we are right now?

Yes. This will do.

I'm not even going to ask what your body is ready for, Peter.

Get a room, you two. Preferably the one that I'm not in.

I'm very okay with this.


A broken image? Will it infect my bed? O.o


I am quite okay with this, even if I don't know what she's saying.

Excuse me, I'm pretty sure I had a brick around here for just this eventuality. Who knew that being prepared for a zombie Kim Jong-il in my bed would pay off?

You, mah boi, must be one of the few Nomura characters that has a single belt.


I REALLY hope you're not underage.

I know you aren't, but I still can't feel comfortable about waking up in bed with a literal angel.

How old are you?

*kicks teeth in*

Mike Wazowski!

You're freaking me out man.

This looks and feels a LOT like necrophilia.

Jeez Ed, what did I do to you?

*looks at bed*

Oh. Well shit.

Jeez Louise, can't you stay human for two minutes?

I'd love to eat (with) you, Kyouko!

Broken, just like my love life.

I knew I'd get something out of disguising myself as The Joker.

Drop the scissors, lose the head... thing and we're kosher.

Way too young. Besides...I really don't feel comfortable around that arm.

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