If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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I don't care about controversies or shit. I like your breast the way they are. XD


You peed on my bed, didn't you?

You're done already.. you can stop making that face now.

Jesus Christ what did I do?

...my nightmares have taken form.

I can't find a complaint. Although I think I earned that achievement years ago... <.<

Already tied up? Jackpot.



I thought you were lying upside-down for a second. Because...never mind.

It also took me a second it realise this was a gif.

GOSH! You are such a square.

I'm sorry, I don't speak Fuckian.

We sure did have some fun with those heads, amirite?

Alright, just please don't shoot me

I'm happy to see you too!


Yeah, I'd want to leave via portal if I woke up next to me too.

I aint into that sort of thing.


I'm okay with this.

A lolly tentacle demon? Kinda looks like a face-hugger, I guess they always did look like vaginas....
That's low, even for me...

I don't have to pee, so get out.

Don't look so smug.

Not an image but close enough

Is that police sirens in the background?

You better hope that;s not my blood or I'll have to strangle you with that hair.

Not really sure, I'm not really into robots

Fijiman sure would dig that hat of yours.


I can't see it, but that makes sense I'd have to be asleep to see him, so spooky my antivirus disabled the image.

Don't you have a child to take care of?

Sir your beard is too strong for even me. Please leave!

I already have a lamp.

Time for me to go to Valhalla, is it?

I love you too Yuno, I always wanted a yandere girlfriend

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