If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Sorry Cheshire Cat, but I'm late! For a very important date!

*takes hat off* ... *freaks out*

Can't load the image so no.

Can't load the image so no.

Awww... worked for me, and it was 10 anime playboy bunny-girls... care to change your answer?

OT: Nice to meet you, mPara!




Nice shoes.


image fail

Breakfast in bed?

Ooh...not bad at all.

Oh, sorry. I didn't realise you were bald. -_-

Ooh, also very nice.


*Pushes her off and gets back to sleep.*

*Strokes beard...*

*meep* Uhh...please don't kill me?

What is up with your eyes?!

Well I think we know who was in charge last night.

...eep...um...please don't kill me...again?

Uh, no. Get out.

I could break you! So leave it!'

*Face explodes... than reforms...*
Oh my god Henry Rollins is awesome...

Must be one of my bad days. *Waits for someone else to wake up to.*

*runs the hell away*

Can't say that was fun...

There are two of you? Um...wow...I still got it!

Pass, I'd feel weird waking up beside an animation! :O

Strange, she was in my dream yesterday >.>.

*whacks over the head with his bass*

Isn't that the guy from X-MEN First Class?

Oh great now this is just awkward

*squeeks and checks to see if everything is still in one piece*

Great now my sheets are wet..well more wet

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