The above user should never...

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Try to fight Lu Bu.

join the robot-church

Stand in front of my avatar.

Jump up and down on my chest.

press the red and spinning button at the same time

Settle for just the Morpheus badge.

try the yatzhee impossible quiz (it really is freakishly hard)

Ram you're head into a wall, it decreased my IQ by at least 20 points so don't do it!

Get Vegeta angry.

try to lay a finger on nappa's butterfinger

Stop watching MLP: FiM.

Be less than 9000.

Should never ever ever ever ever write a song about Sibbie.

Should never Rake Muck.

Write a book on turtle habitats.

Edit: What the fuck? Chrome is acting weird... (See next post)

(The hell? I thought I hit post, not F5.)

Write a book on Turdgeons.

You won't know what a Turdgeon is unless you remember what forum I go to all the time.

Try to beat Unlimited Hazama on Hell difficulty.

Steal my Salsa...


fight a zapdos with a level 5 magikarp...

it wont end well...

Try to single handed try to invade another country armed with a teddy bear

attempt to beat chuck norris in an arm wrestling match, without using any hands...

Eat a delicious plate of lava.

Mock my pesto...

try the cupcakes...

Turn down an offer to go to Pinkies basement.

Spam me with PM's about MLP.


No really. XD

Pass go and collect £200... god help you if you collect £200!

Go into Scarlet Devil Mansion's basement. Seriously, don't.

^Why? she's decently tame. Sorta. Ok 4 outta 10 times nothing too bad will happen.

...Cross the streams

Cuddle me... you'll only get me started! >:3

Not cuddle me.

have a vacation in the middle of a black hole

Dismiss a woman's fashion sense. They breathe fire.

*Soda for the reference*

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