The above user should never...

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Change their avatar.

try to beat up a ballerina.

Try to out-rap a demon rappist lord.
Cookie for reference.

Stab me with that needle.

Sorry no reference idea

try out for cheerleading.

Stop using the Planet Express logo...

Add wub when it's not clearly needed.

Forget that wub is "always needed all the time forever."

Wub so hard that the earth falls out of orbit.

Wub humanity into the sun.

try to put out the sun

live without a dream

Daydream while flying.

sky-dive from a moving truck

Attempt to surf a cat.

limbo with a t-rex

Use A Fabergé egg in a game of who can throw the Fabergé egg off the tall building.

say faberge more then two times in a single sentence (how did you do that weird e, by the way?)

Copy/paste from Google. (I wasn't even going to try and spell Fabergé.)

OT: Overthrow a 1820s Russian Monarchy over them not using the right fork at the dinner table.

recreate project manhattan but name it instead "project brooklyn"

jersey was a close second...

Work for Fox.

work for star-fox

stop attempting to leap over a tall building in a single bound.

work for star-fox

Think I wasn't talking about Fox Mcloud huh? Well you were this!

OT: Use me as a jumping rope.

double post like the posting maniac he is.

tell redlin how to post!

Tell me what I should not tell Redlin! And also, don't play leap frog with a porcupine.

deliver leet packages

Stop using that avatar...

Stop having cutesy avatars.

Stop using Clannad avatars.

Merry moe-stmas.

try to hug a hurricane.

Tell me I can't!

Kill a dust devil.

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