The above user should never...

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face the consequences...

never do it!

Give up!


That's funny because of where I'm from, you won't get it though. XD

OT: Get banned!

Stop posting. You're awesome, dude.

Get a new heart.

Trade in your games. ;~;

@Pyra: But I always trade in games...

OT: Get a new hat.

@Dango: I just barely have any left Dx

OT: Wave your finger's around like that.

Bow to the king of Gondor.

Find the muffin man. He's a psycho

play Sonic the Hedgehog '06. That game was a trainwreck in every way possible. And this coming from a Sonic fanboy!

Blow up something.

Go extreme sky diving where they replace your parachute with an angry bear

^But that's one of life's pleasures :(

Find 99 ways to die.

Find any ways to die.

Buy a camera with red eye reduction.

It won't be needed.

Stop driving the bus.

Stop loving pokemon.

Fall asleep at the wheel.

Try to combining drinking and driving.

^But I love drive drinking!

Tell me what to do

Give up on the sweet allure of booze.

^Too late

Have to receive 3 indecipherable captchas in a row
... damn it

ride the lightning

think its a good time to photocopy your butt and staple it to your boss's face, oh no!

Lick a battery!

eat a battery... an artillery battery, to be precise...

use home-made magnet boots!

Try to pet a dingo.

Agree to my plans >:3

Become a werewolf.

Go on a lifetime quest for vengeance.


The angles man, don't blink!

Buy Brink.

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