The above user should never...

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Drink from a sink


Nom posts

face off against oddjob in a hat battle

Sell tickets to said battle!

Sell peanuts at said battle, while battling.

Sell things to questionable characters who want to sell things while battling.

Run a mile.

Wrestle a turtle.

Wrestle Goldberg.

Make sandwiches with jam.

Have IM clients and their web browser open when trying to be productive. >>;

Project her own flaws onto other people >:(

Want orange.

Do that thing that he's thinking about doing. It's a terrible idea.

eat a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich.

Buy a broken PS2 slim in another country.

Look at starfish....EVER!

Or ill have to get a juice box...yeah, just dont do it.

Get in between me and a starfish.

Come to this finger. These fingers of mine.
Or I'll take them away with all of my fingers.

Start a new account the second he gets to 9000 posts.

Steal my cookies.

Have less posts than me!

Eat a kebab while sober.

Think I'm serious :P

Pretend to be serious.

Wibble O.O just don't xD

watch TNA.

That company is starting to look like WCW in the 2000s....

Try to make pancakes.

Try to make Waffles.

read the fanfiction Cupcakes.


read the fanfiction Cupcakes.

Oh I've read worse.

And you should never let this fall to the second page again.

Give a wet Kiss to an electrical socket

challenge leman russ to a drinking contest

Stand while you sit!

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