Excuse me...

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Excuse me but I do not think aspirins exist in this plane of existence.

Excuse me, but this thread has become derailed and I don't want to die when it crashes. PEACE!!!!

*barrel rolls out of the box car*

Excuse me, when did this thread become a car??

Excuse me but cars are so passé what we need is a train *choo**choo*[1]

[1] That's how I think train noises are written, I may be wrong, since in Spanish people write it as Chuu chuu, I just assumed it was like that on English.

Excuse me, but that is correct.

Excuse me, where did you get those stockings?

Excuse me, but where are your eyes?!

Excuse me, under the hair,

Excuuuuuuuse me princess but how do you see?

Excuse me, crazy robot eyes.

Excuse me, but how does it feel to have died in the music video for one of the Gorillaz' best songs?

Excuse me, but how good is your hearing?

@Hail: Which is that? :o

Excuse me, you seem awfully violent.

Excuse me miss, but you seem to be firing those machine-guns at my general direction and lame is the violent one?

Excuse me, but I'm not that violent! *punch*

Excuse me, I'm like the least violent. Just ignore all the bullet holes.

Excuse me, no more in the head please, one is fashionable, more than that is tacky.

Excuse me, but I can see right through you...

Excuse me, but I always get distracted by your avatar. Always. @_@

Excuse me, but your pocket is on the floor.

Excuse me but you may need some flea repellent soap.

Excuse me, but *sneezes*

Excuse me, but one of your eyes seems awfully purple.

Excuse me, can I borrow your Fluttershy??

Excuse me, how do I shot web?

Excuse me, but may I have some purple drank?

Excuse me, but how I mine for fish?

Excuse me, but ima gonna grip n' sip

Excuse me, I need a drink. I'm feeling dizzy...

Excuse me, but your avatar unnerves me a little. :c

Excuse me but I have to save the world again.

Excuse me, but I'm in the mood to DANCE

Excuse me, but I just might JOIN YOU.

Excuse me, but you've got some sweet moves. Care to teach me?

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