The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes that they could listen to music any where and when they wanted without the need of a computer or other music playing device.

Would like to invent such a gadget and sell it to Goodwill.

Would like to sharpen his wits with an education whetstone.

Will provide that whetstone for a price. A very extravagant price.

Secretly wishes to swim in a pool full of monies.

Has created a hybrid breed of ponies and mares which are monies. o.o

Wishes to stay here and not get banned for a month... again.

For a can of Anti-ban.

Wishes to be king of the banana people.

To be the lord of shadows.

To be the lord of everything deep thinking.

To be lord of the floating head people.

More bacon strips.

for gay bacon strips

For more bacon strips cooked by gay peoples and served by the Emperors of Old.

Troublesome Lagomorph:
More bacon strips.

Damn strait.

For muffins.

For bat flavoured muffins to be stuffed in pizzas of newts.

For the most awesome Nerf gun ever.

For the least awesome paintball gun ever.

For the best couch ever.

For something really shiny.

Wishes to be his own grandfather.

Wishes that he looked pretty in a dress.

Wishes to acquire more dresses to share with the world.

To grow an awesome beard and acquire an eye-patch!

To grow an eye patch and acquire a beard! :O

Secretly wishes to be a pirate.

Secretly wishes for a peg leg...<.<

Secretly wishes for a suspicious building. <,<

Secretly wishes to vacate said suspicious building, and fast...

Secretly wishes to be the reason for vacating the building.

Wishes to be a black knight!

Wishes to rid the world of racist undertones.

Wishes to always be the leader.

Wishes to be my Hand. <.<

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