The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to buy a car from a pants store.

Wishes to buy King Arthur from a dragon store.
capcha: king arthur

Wishes to kill Sir Post-a-Lot.

Wishes for a life well lived...

Wishes for a life well deserved.

Wishes to bang on the drum all day.

Wishes to be the drum...

Wishes to be made out of cotton.

Wishes to set the cotton people on fire.

Want's to cause genocide by setting everyone on fire...or wants to play Fallout 3...

Wishes to be TittytheTormentor.

Wishes that clean water was actually tradeable for guns.

Wishes he could have swag.

Wishes he had a swagger.

Wishes to have moves like Yorke.

Wishes to be a sparkly Twilight vampire.

Wishes to be a sparkly vampire hunter!

Wishes to just be sparkly.

Wishes the whole world would sparkle.

Wishes to destroy everything that's sparkly!

Wishes to control all of the stuffing mines.

Wishes to destroy all stuffing mines...

Wishes that the message wouldn't get scrambled.

Wishes for better whiteout.

every Nickleback album

Wishes to murder anthro cats.

Wishes to be king of the Smurfs.

Wishes to flirt with the idea of a butler. >.>

Wishes to flirt with the maids.(which I am not one of)

Wishes to count the licks it takes to get to the Tootsie-center of a Tootsie Pop.

Wishes for the ultimate potato gun.

Wishes to synthesize a tomato gun.

Secretly wishes to be assaulted by furry animals.

Secretly wishes to see That's My Boy. ;p

To see said movie.

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