The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To be more intresting

To be a Stormtrooper and serve the Empire

To be the world's wealthiest taco.

A new avatar for the 2013 season

I've been thinking about it and may have a new one by the end of the week.

OT: Wishes to have more animal badges.

Wishes to keep me in suspense about what it might be

Secretly wishes to eat a taco.

Secretly wishes to be the world greatest spy.

Secretly wishes Rei wasn't already a super spy...<.<

Wishes that the damn reception would improve

Secretly wishes to be original...<.<

Secretly wishes to change the order of his badges

Secretly wishes to give away badges.

To play Halo with me...

To be less blue.

A nuclear apocalypse.

To be a Ghoul.

For a bad-arse boss rating for him self.

To drive on the left lane.

To eat a Taco Bell brand taco

A gun that fires out angry wet cats.

A gun that fires out angry old ladies.

A gun that fires more guns

For a gun that fires smaller guns that shoot even smaller guns that fire really pissed off bees. And for a Coke.

To be less stoned.

To be more stoned

To be stoned to death

To choke to death on broccoli...

To choke on me ;)

To be less stoned.

I'm not stoned, I'm just crazy.

OT: The dragon balls.

For the power to know if someone is about to pop a balloon.

for his steering wheel to swerve slightly to the right...

Secretly wishes to be a character in their favorite TV show.

For a shovel to call his own.

to shovel someone named own

For the world to end.

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