The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Closer than you think! :3

OT: To have an all seeing eye.

To have hidden cameras everywhere O.O

To install them!

A bridge named after his glory.

To own a glorious bridge!

For an explanation about my username.


Spare change!

A Jill sandwich.

A pointless levelling up system for real life. *mastered mastering mastered* ?_?

Secretly wishes to gain a life level right now.

Secretly wishes to be quoted by every single person that comments underneath them.

secretly wishes to quote every single person here

To quote himself! O.O

That the main threads were just a teensy bit brighter:(

A magic 8 ball that is less vague! D:

A fortune telling zebra!

Rainbows that dash.

Twilight that sparkles! (Oh god I just noticed that her name is a twilight reference O.O)

For me to know more pony names. (that's all I got)

To know more pony names!! Problem solved!

To what me to click that! O>O

I might be roll'd ... again >.<

for the rolling to cease...
to which I answer: NEVERS!

To be a wise guy!

To be rick rolled!

To be called Rick.

to be called roll!

To get a guy called rick and roll him down a hill

to become a internet meme!

To know all of the internet memes!

A house made of cake.

A house of cards!

A house of mirrors!

A house made completely of glass!

A rock to throw at said house...<.<

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