Rate the song above you!

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I really like Blazblue's soundtrack.

9/10 Quite good.

Never played the game, but hey! We are not here to rate a song based on the game it´s from, but from the sound of it, which is AWESOME!

7.76567/10... hmm... yus, yus... quite the nice surprise...<.<

Obscure early 70's japanese blues duo ahoy...<.<

6/10 Not particularly original sounding, or even bluesy for that matter.

1/10 that was...annoying.

0/10 ...Yeah. No.


I will give it a 7.5 it is serviceable for a intro but not much else

2/10... not offensively bad or anything just wasn't enjoyable in the slightest... the best I can say about it is that it's forgettable... though the worst thing I can say about it is that it's damn pretentious...

Honestly nowhere near there best song... it's pretty mediocre... but it was basically made in response to the singer being called, "The most sensitive boy in indie rock..." so it's kind of interesting in that respect and the music video is kind of funny in it's low production values...

7/10 better than you put across. Definitely felt like a 90s song (Which is good 90s kicked the shit out of 2000 onwards to 2010).

7/10 kinda retro ironic hipster... not a whole lot of something special but I can get with it... as lame as that phrase sounds...<.<


Didn't like the singer. Wasn't too bad overall, though.

8/10 Liking the classical metal vibe; also extra points for no screamo.

You know who that reminded me of?

(The real video clip is much better but no embed.)

7/10 listenable.

9/10 Pretty awesome.

5.5/10 I liked the bass... though the tone wasn't the best... though can't really expect much from this pseudo metal stuff... the rest was a big nothing special and predictable... I cdould already tell what was coming up without even listening to the song before... also the singer sounds like he has a sock in his throat...<.<

True rock star good looks...<.<

6/10 Nothing really special, and I couldn't get over how bored everyone but the lead singer looked <.<

pretty ok. 8/10

10/10 One of the best songs off of Ten.

7/10 Nice background music, but nothing too special.

7/10 good background music. You really like japanese music don't you?

8/10. Good song.

7/10 Eh, good for background music I guess.

5/10... what can I say? a big nothing special is wat I can say... and I will...<.<
I suppose the melody is pretty, but the singer is just kind of boring and there's not much to latch onto emotionally... especially considering I can't understand the lyrics and it does little to convey the tone instrumentally...

Heh Time for some Minutemen... Mike is and awesome bassist...<.<

6/10 Didn't like the singer, but the rest was nice...


Oh shit yo a non-youtube link shit's gettin' real!

7/10 oh hey it's that Bleach opening... The ending confused me greatly... but it gets an extra point for the school girl uniforms which is immediately ripped away for the synchronized dancing... which bothered me greatly...<.<

8/10. Pretty interesting sound.

8/10 good.

Captcha: one hit wonder :)

It's a loop, so it's hard to tell if the song is repetitive or just repeating. A little meh, I've heard a few orchestral tracks that are better. 6.5/10

This is my favourite song ever of all time ever.

7.5/10 Pretty good, that video is absolutely fantastic though

Not my kind of music and the singer is pretty bad 3/10

2/10. I don't like metal, and this song epitomizes why. It's repetitive, uses heaviness and showiness to distract from uninteresting songwriting, and the lyrics are an absolute joke. Shows the slightest signs of life at the 9 minute mark

6/10... thought it sunded kinda Freezepopish at first... which is generally a good thing...but the song is too long and the low end needs a bit more thump to make it appropriately powerful... and it's just a bit of a lack luster techno pop thing... I know I'm not using the proper terms...<.<

Though I would like to say that I agree with you on the whole metal thing...

6/10, I'm rather neutral to the genre over all but not a big fan of nasal yodeling vocals with the exception of Layne Stanley and Eddie Vedder.

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