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Like the guitar and and the lead voice. They work well together.

7/10. MCR rocks, as does this song.

Comes in with a nice lot of beats, then guitar comes in and sounds seriously bland, continues drum beat not doing much with it as slow vocals come in, notes are smooth, but lyrics spread way too thin, chorus comes in, "then you realise, then you realiiiise" that line is annoying,a nice little bit of scratchy guitar comes in, but you hardly notice it until it carries on to staaaaaay,
will you staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

I like the extra voice coming in just before and in the second chorus that's good.

Cool smooth electric guitars come in after that and they're good.

lyrics seem pretty boring, didn't notice any cool/clever bits.

The song does not rock, it pulls itself along lethargically without any bits that manage to make me grin, and its' slightly annoying.

4/10 No offense meant, I just found a reviewing more fun than listen and rate.

Anyways I'd like to see some external insight into this song:


A Nerdy Ke$ha out of 10.........
Looking at it as a satire it's bloody hilarious with some very clever lyrics. But the song itself not my type of song. The type of Pop that this one is hopefully sending up is one type of music that I just can't get into.....That and death metal.

I saw these guys last night and live they sound just like the recordings. Still I like the similar Cold War Kids better.


Go Aussies!

8.7/10 I loved Avatar and the music was always kickass.

Katie Melua - The Flood

4/10 It wasn't bad at first but then it got... unenjoyable.

Well since I still can't figure out how to post the goddamn link so that it shows up here I guess this will have to do, I mean seriously there should be button for this.


7/10, not too shabby.


Serial Experiments! THAT'S what I've been meaning to watch. Thanks!

Yus... it's amazing... except for the voice acting... actually most if it is pretty decent... especially for a 90's anime... but when it gets bad it's unwatchable from the shear terribleness of the English voice actors...<.<

5/10... it's just so meh... other than the awkwardness of the lyrics and an absolutely monotonous vocal melody, which are par for the course in this genre it would seem, the whole thing is just so not interesting... just your average kind of whatever you want to call that kind of music I don;t really care... but it sounds like a hundred other bands and pretty much like every other band you've posted up until this point... it's just underwhelming in every sense... Though, not strictly speaking the worst thing I've ever listened to...

and 5 minutes later I've forgotten it's even existed...<.<

Could do with more polysyllabic vocals, and I wish the fidelity was higher, but it rocks along quite nicely, classic guitar solo, and I'm still a lover of ending suddenly, with one final strum.

Will edit in next song within 15 minutes probably less.

Ah, here we are, some more rock in a similar vein.


0/10 that was a terrible cover. Hinder sucks in general too.

Not bad by any means, but not really my thing. The guitarwork and constant change of energy were interesting, but I dunno, the vocals kind of kill it for me. I'm just not big on his voice. Still, 7/10.

polysyllabic... fidelity...


OT: 6/10... eh okay I guess... wasn't really feeling it too much... it's a little too I dunno... it just didn't do much for me... I guess it just had a bit too much American cheese on it... like at least one person in the band is wearing a stars and striped bandanna...<.<

Saw them live opening for Dinosaur Jr the other day... actually weren't bad... took a bit to pick up though...<.<

they have a good grove about them but sounded a bit bland; Which I regret saying because the band was great. Everyone played together and they sounded like they where just Jamming. Though something just wasn't there for me.


Okay, wow! That was so smooth and chilled! like ice cream on a hot summers day but without the melting until it's in the mouth!
And building up just enough to keep it interesting.

Also sorry I used polysyllabic instead of polytonic (opposite of monotone) earlier.

Right, next song!


4/10. Not my cup of tea, unless it's one of those types of tea that help you go to sleep.

6/10. good music, not a fan of the vocals.


Not bad. Enjoyably punky-rocky with some decent vocal and guitar work. Sadly, it doesn't really captivate me with its melody. As it stands it's just decent but definitely has some potential to it. I might listen into those guys a bit more.

How about a song from a mathcore band, that doesn't really have many mathcore elements to it and relies on an evocative piano sound instead?

8/10, Dillinger is one of my favorite bands ever.

2/10... ugh painful... the only moments that I didn;t dread were the few times they weren't concentrating all of their mental and bodily effort into trying to be as heavy as possible... but those moments are too few and far between... it's just really exhausting to listen to... it's one of the few times I've felt like I was uncomfortable listening to a song... not that it was offensive, it was just literally physically painful to listen to...<.<

I know I post them a lot... but they just came out with a new album and I just saw them in concert... so yeah... this is new...<.<


Rather boring and meanders along with only few changes of pace, singing seemingly tucked on most of the time providing me with not a single point of identification. What rescues the song is the crunchy and varied guitar work that underlines it, which also led me to do some decent respectful head bobbing in line with the persistent rhythm. Still, not my cup of tea.

How about some German medieval metal?

6/10 - very silly, but the overall sound was not that enjoyable. German lyrics are... eh... at best, most of the time.

7/10, not bad, pretty funny.
Now from Norway to Denmark with...


7/10 The screamed lyrics were pretty nice, not obnoxious, but enough to stand out. Other than that, nothing really stood out about the song. It's still pretty good.

6/10, Nice and cool and refreshing, but uuuuggggggggghhhhh...
That drumbeat, oh dear oh dear.

Edit: Damn, forgot to share a song again


Another case of I shouldn't like it yet I do - it's a more or less minimalistic dancefloor piece that avoids getting hectic at all and stays calm most of the time - contrary to my expectation I should add. And then, despite being awfully repetitive and not providing me with a remarkable melody or so, it still works and provides an enjoyable experience. Perhaps it's the calm minimalism that showcases the female vocalist rather well. Or it's that hideous beat. Or those sparse faster parts as counterpoints....I don't know. What I do know, though, is that it's very much enjoyable.

How about something that Wikipedia describes as "Groove Metal" featuring the drummer from Slayer?


Love the guitar. The vocals go great with the song overall. Is now on repeat for me.

7/10, that was actually pretty good.

5/10. Just fine, the singer is much too screechy though.

6/10... it kind of sucked at the start... and by the end I still didn;t like the singing or lyrics... but it certainly picked up instrumentally...<.<

Pretty good, liked the guitar, but everything else kind of bled together for me.


While I liked the electronic melody it's by itself far too boring for me. The singing also doesn't provide much, with some of the segments seemingly completely decoupled from the beat. Especially unfortunate, since her voice, while somehow reminiscent of pop-songs, has kind of an interesting tone to it that contrasts well with the song in general...

How about some more jazzy rock?

Not my cup of tea but it's not bad. It's sound too samey throughout. Reminds me of one of those bands you would see Phillip Schofield introduce on This Morning.

The most badass song on a kids cartoon - you agree?

It's cool for a kid's show, but otherwise... it's eh...

6/10. A solid track, but far from the best of the Persona universe

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