Vote for Me!

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Vote for me and armpits will be a thing of the past.

Vote for me and I'll put an end to @Figiman's tyrannical policy of armpit amutation. Just think about it, a world where one cannot make fart noises with their arms? Truly a tragedy.

Vote for me so that good threads wont keep dying.

A vote for me, is a vote for The Escapist!

Vote for me and all the threads will be necro-ed.

Vote for me and get what Collins said, plus a dollar.

Vote for me and get what Fijiman said, plus 2 dollars.

Vote for me and you get 3 dollars!

Vote for me and you shall get one free tub of ice cream.

Vote for me and I will eradicate NHS Waiting Lists by shutting down the NHS. This will also eradicate poverty as poor people will die so come on guys: it's 2 birds with 1 stone.

Poverty & Waiting Lists. Gone.


Vote for me and I will give you free skittles!

Vote for me and I'll put those Skittles into Vodka!

Vote for me and every kid in the country gets a bottle of Skittlevodka!

Vote for me and everyone in the world (bar our enemies) gets a bottle of Stiffys: Jaffa Cake shots!

Vote for me and you'll get free cookies and cake!

Vote for me and I will cut taxes...on all skittle related products!

Vote for me and get a coupon for 50% off whenever you spend $1000 or more on any Anti-Stab products.

It is typical of my opponent to display such clear bigotry as this. He forgets to allow for people who prefer anti-bludgeoning equipment, he wishes to impose his own values on you. Do not fall for it, Vote for me!!

Vote for me! and together we can finally outlaw Fun! With your vote, we can finally rid the world of these fun-abusing assholes!

Vote for me, and we can grant ourselves mod powers. MWHUAHWHAHUAHWHWHAWHWAAHWAAAA!!!

Vote for me and public transport won't suck anymore!

Vote for me and we can kick out all those new-fangled forum celebrities!

Vote for me, I'll put all those poor people back in their place.

Vote for me, I'm no politician.

Vote for me, I have bacon.

Vote for me, I have drinks!

Vote for me. Vote for glory! Vote for soup hats!

Vote for me, so we can oust the US president!

...Wait, wrong forum.

Vote for me or feel the wrath of the penguins.

Vote for me, I'll oust Congress!

Vote for me. Don't ask why, just do it.

Vote for me, I like communism!

A vote for someone other than me is a declaration of war.

Vote for me, I'll oust China!

Vote for me and the world will return to normal.

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