the ^ < V game

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^ Maybe.


V Get's the invisible treatment from me.

^ Has high expectations
< Maintains no expections
V Expects the unexpected.

^ Spanish Inquisition.
< Spanish Indecision.
v Spanish Enchiladas.

^ Expected.

< The unexpected.

V Redirected.

^ Cool
< Fool
v Tool

^ Wrong
< Is gonna break the rhyme scheme
v Thinks I shouldn't have done that

^ True
< Blue
v Needs to go to the loo.

^ did poo
< says moo
v can do it too

^ Moo?

< Has no idea what's going on.

V Is the same.

^ Shame
< Blame
V Corey Haim

^ Who?

< Is loopy at the moment.

V Is probably more "sane" than me.

^ Untrue
< Insanity renewed
V Is in the mood.

^ just ate food
< gets annoyed when people say dude
v is not rude

^ Is right
< Is wrong
V Is confused

^ is bruised
< is moved
V just booed

^ Isn't right
< Wants to fight
V Is very bright

^ I do believe I do admit a certain light aura.
< Is going to be Archangel of Lightning some day.
V Loves popcorn.

^ Kinda Right, though I like it on the cob more
< Isn't tempted to sleep at work right now
V Has destroyed a city in the last day.

^ I saved a city in the past day but no. Not destroyed.
< Gonna stay up all night! :D
V Is doing the same.

^ Nope, it's about noon for me right now.

< Does love popcorn.

V Whats to be the president of something.

^ Doesn't know which country I'm from
< knows which country I'm from
V Has learnt the countries song from the Animaniacs off by heart

^ nope
< watching Eurovision tonight
v is addicted to coffee

^ Prefers a spot of tea, old chap.
< Is not from where you think he's from
V Will make a guess anyway

^ Australia
< is insane
v is insaner

^ Is wrong about my sanity
< Is rather sane (when on my pills)
v Super duper

^ Loves spam
< Loves cats
v Loves nothing

^ I love myself
< Love spam and eggs
v Hates themselves.

^Missed me while I was gone, and is glad he overtook me in posts
<Has an obsession with solid snake
v has never seen me before

^ Who are you?
< Has never played MGS before
v Has played every single Metal Gear game ever made.

^ ...MGS 4 and that is all.

< Hates everyone here with a fiery passion! xD

V Thinks the same thing.

^ Thinks that he means loves rather than hate. StormShaun is not known as a hater.
< Drinking Pepsi right now.
V Is drinking something right now.

^wrong, mouth is dry :(
< mouth is dry
v Isn't drinking anything either

^ Wishes he was drinking something mind altering.
< Wishes he was drinking something mind altering.
V Wishes he was drinking something mind altering.

StormShaun is not known as a hater.
< Drinking Pepsi right now.

...Damn you.

^ Nope, I want a pepsi max
< wants to get out of college for a pepsi max
V Now wants to drink a Pepsi Max.

^ Knows what Pepsi Max is.
< Doesn't know what Pepsi Max is.
V Wishes that Pepsi Max didn't exist.

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