the ^ < V game

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^ Would need to know what you like to play.
< Doesn't know.
V Will tell me.

^ He likes crappy, over-priced games.

< Actually doesn't know.

V Was once in a fight with an octopus wearing boxing gloves that ended in a draw.

^ Correct.
< Is friends with said octopus.
v Never liked octopi.

^ I'm kind of indifferent. (They seems cool... but... tentacles...)
< I'm totally not freaked out by tentacles.
V Has punted something and has never seen it since.

^ It's mostly because I didn't bother to go looking for it.

< Wondering why there isn't a half decent, non YouTube guide for Persona 3.(there's one for Persona 4, but all the ones I could find for 3 are next to useless in my opinion)

V Is the lead in a group of singing bears.

^ Forever wrong.
< Doesn't use guides.
V Uses guides.

^ Sometimes...

< Replaying games.

V Like to replay old games.

^ Eh, not all that often.

< Needs to go to bed.

V Wants to go see a movie.

^ Nope. Went and saw the Hobbit, that's my movie for the next year or two.

< Does not go to movies very often.

v Loves the movies, and goes whenever he or she can.

^ Wrong.
< Attention span is too short!
v Same deal.

^I'm sorry, I wasn't listening
< Not as funny as he thinks he is
V Is sleepy, oh so sleepy....

^ I woke up not too long ago so I'm still a little sleepy.

< Eating breakfast.

V Ran like the wind, very erratically.

^ Nope. I have a little trouble with running.

< Can't find his PSP

V Recently ate pizza

^ Nope.

< Debating things to do.

V Has broken a bone before.

^ Yeah, one of my toes.
< I never felt it.... EVER.
V Tends to not notice... things.

^ Depends on what you mean by things.

< Going to go eat dinner.

V Has watched Doctor Who.

^ IndeedBut only episode one of the revival and I didn't like that episode too much, didn't like Rose, however the Doctor was pretty fun, don't know if I'll keep watching.
< Gives pretty long winded answers to yes or no questions.

v Isn't doing anything special for New Year.

<Is boring
V Is easily twice as boring as me..

^ Depends on how boring you are.
< I'm pretty boring, now that I think about it.
V Is exciting.

^ I'd like to think of myself as somewhat exciting.

< Getting sleepy.

V Is never tired.

^ False, I get tired a lot, mostly at school XD

< Is fighting the sleep!

V Needs to take a shower!

^ I already took one this morning.
< Is feeling sick
V Has already been sick this season.

^ Maybe?

< Eating.

V Has found buried treasure... in their room.

^ Is hopefully a fortune-teller who mixes up the past and future tenses.
< Is definitely not a fortune-teller.
V Has never consulted a fortune-teller.

^ Not in real life, in Animal Crossing however...

< Hungry...

V Has eaten their dinner.

^ Not yet.

< playing halo.

V gone somewhere recently.

^ Two New Year's parties, does that count?

< Does not like parties, but gets invited to a great many.

v Adores parties, but never gets to go to them.

^Is totally wrong, in every aspect
< Hates parties, prefers quiet drinks, which is what he's had a few too many of tonight.
V Doesn't drink much

^ Not really, not that I'm invited to many anyway.

< Should be getting dinner soon.

V Will deliver the package to it proper destination before midnight tomorrow.

^ Can't say I do. And no, I cannot. The Package must arrive of its own accord. To help it along is to defeat its purpose.

< Can't stop listening to


^ Only with Garfunkel

< Just sawed into my hand. (don't worry, bleeding mostly stopped).

v Injured themselves withing the last 2 days.

^ Yes, mostly ramming my foot into various objects around the house.

< Eating.

V Has been on an airplane.

^ Is absolutely right! I like flying!

< Just finished cooking!

v Definitely hungry because of all this talk of food.

^ I am in fact guzzling down marshmallows right now.

< Also I just lost at Scrabble.

v Check under the bed tonight.

^ Are you crazy?! It's filthy down there.

< Just got off the Xbox.

V Mustn't eat all of the food.

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