the ^ < V game

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^ has a good taste in games
< Hasn't played mgs3 in far too long
v played through mgs3 twice

^ Three times. You were close though.

< Is eating Chicken Noodle Soup.


^ Because my helmet has a layer of tinfoil in it. Suck it!


The Night Angel:
< needs to stop disappearing from this site for ridiculously long periods of time

Holy crap! I thought you were dead.

V Shall sing the song of songness.

^ Got that wrong as I have a sore throat at the moment and can't sing under the best circumstances anyway...
< has a sore throat and was presumed dead on the escapist
v never presumes anyone is dead

^ Did you not read my comment?

< Also has a sore throat and hates having a cold.

V Will jump through hoops made of bacon.

^ My arm is charred kinda like bacon!
< Arm looks really disgusting, I can see inside it...
v Should be careful handling trays that just came out of the oven.

^ Noted.

< Is always paranoid about burning self when getting stuff out of an oven.


^ What?

< Hopes Kaleion is okay.

V What?

^ Yes.
< Is OK, the pain doesn't bother me at all, and this happens quite often, my skin doesn't normally tear up this much, quite frankly how disgusting it looks bothers me more than anything else, I mean there's a little string of charred skin hanging from there, yuck. nevermind I pulled it out because it was bugging me, now there's a little bit of blood and I'm dizzy, should stop looking at it, it's really disgusting.
v Easily disgusted?

^ Should get that checked on, and is wrong about me.
< very hard to disgust
v has a very strong stomach too

^ Nah, curry and blood make me sick. Particularly when together.
< Hates the sight of blood/pain
v Likes curry or blood?

^ was right about the curry
< has no particularly strong feelings about blood one way or the other
v drinks blood on occasion

^ Only time that happens is when I have a nose bleed and some of it goes down the back of my throat.

< Gets queasy at the sight of large amounts of blood IRL.(I can play Gears of War without problem but started getting nauseous when I had to get some blood drawn)

V Smells like french fries and puppy crap.

^ Nope, do you?
< Isn't allowed to donate blood because the doctor said I'd faint if he drew out the blood not fair : /
v Does not like that the topic of blood is still going on!

^ Mmmmmm... blood... sorry, what?

< Has been playing too much Dota 2

V Has three or more copies of Dota 2 in their Steam inventory.

^ I don't have Steam.

< Is not a PC gamer.

V Has the worlds largest underground potato farm in a secret cavern under their house.

^ I cannot confirm such snide insinuations.


V Has been really tempted to smack someone in the past 48 hours.

^ I'm usually the smackee rather than the smacker.

< Has a fiery girlfriend.

V Ever been smacked by a girl?

^ Not that I can think of.

< Does not have a girlfriend.

V Has dated a walrus.

^ Well I dated Jamie Hyneman once...Ok that's not true.
< Had a girlfriend once, I know it's kinda hard to believe, though other than dinners we really didn't actually do anything couple-ish, we never even kissed, though we did blush a lot, like every single time we talked -_-
v Doesn't blush.

^ Wrong. I blush often when I talk to people. My complete lack of eloquence makes me look stupid every time.
< No social skills.
v Doesn't need social skills.

^ Thank god I don't.
< Water for Elephants is on.
v Isn't Reese Witherspoon adorable?

^ I do not know, nor care about, who that is.

< Blarg.

V Did you here that?

^ Applesauce

< Just got off 24 hour duty... is VERY tired but still has work ;-;

V Been so tired they felt like they were floating

^ If by floating, you mean floating in and out of consciousness. Then, yes.
< Woke up at 5 today
v Likes Chinese food

^ Nope. I'm a Chinese who hates Chinese food.

< Is a very bad Chinese

V Is a very bad example of their race.

^ Yes. I'm Argentine AND white. Big social stigma.

< Blarg.

V How about you? Isn't Reese Witherspoon adorable?

^ Is who whatnow?

< Is currently translating phrases into Dragon Tongue and Old Tongue

V Is somewhat fascinated by other languages

^ Damn you, filthy ninja. And not really.

< Feh.

V Probably has a better computer than me.

^ Probably does

< Really should go to bed

V Has thoughts that they should go to bed... three hours before they finally do go to bed.

^ Sometimes.

< Needs to go pick up a few things.

V Watching something.

^ And you've probably never heard about it either.

< Yaaaaawn.

V Should visit the dentist more often.

^ ...kinda right
< Bad dental hygene
v Smells like mints

^ I don't like mint! Mint tastes funny =/

< Has very specific tastebuds

V Is picky about food.

^ Somewhat.

< Listening to music.

V Was about to do something important. Or not.

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