the ^ < V game

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^ my name is not Josť :P
< it's Kyle
V Will pave the way to victory!

^ What do I get in exchange? And don't say victory because that one is rather obvious.

< Glad to have internet again.

V Great flying fart monkeys Batman!

^ *incoherent response* baaatmaaaan

< Is tired from work.

v Works a lot.

^ Not really.

< ...

V And just where have you been?

^ Playing Ni No Kuni.

< Hasn't posted on here in a while.

V Long time reader, first time poster.

^ No.

< Ate dinner a little while ago.


^ And all the koopas are on their backs now.
< Hasn't played Mario Bros. in quite some time.
v Will tell me about an obscure video-game.

^ Yes, one f the first games in ever played on the PC, Lego Rock Raiders.
< Is now feeling nostalgic
v Looks to the future

^ but can't find it. It must be hiding.
< has pet named 'future'. It is imaginary.
V Was buffudeled for a second.

^ And you were bazzleflooked.

< Should be going top bed soon. Probably wont for a while.

V You must gnarfle the Garthok.

^ Okay.
< Is surprised this thread lasted all this time <.<
v Thinks I'm a foolish sucka.

^ Not really, it was Fiji magic, but Hello there sarfish man!
< Probably should go to sleep.
v Will cast an anti-sleep spell on me.

^ I am no sorcerer. I do have a tank that was modified for raves parked behind your house though. Will that do?


< Haven't seen you around the forum games in a while. You should join the forum games group chat.

V Potato.

^ Couch potato yes.
< Is going to the pub
v Is not.

^ Nope. Being 19 in the United States tends to get in the way of that
< Keeps starting the clock
V Is a wizard.

^ I said no.

< Would like to be one though.

V Shot a Log-man before.

^ what in blazes is a Log-man?
< is a bit lost when it comes to forums
V knows what they are doing

^ Kind of. (Always, welcome to the forums.)
< Raging.
V Watching streams. (electronic or the actual body of water.)

^ Nope just forum games and music.
< Boping along to Jazz.
v Does not care for Jazz.

^ How very true.
< Is about to jump in the shower because he reeks
v Is wishing they had a big slice of pepperoni pizza right about now

^ Nope.

< Just stopped playing Halo 4 with T0ad.

V Has a mohawk made of cheese in the fridge.

^ It's more just a pile of cheese really.
< loves him some good cheese.
V Has been deprived of the amazing chocolate cheese.

^ Eh.

< Sleepy.

V Scatter-brained mess pot.

^ Nah I've seen people who are hopelessly un-organised I'm fine.

< Pizza time

v Hasn't had pizza in a while.

^ Indefinitely not.

< Eating breakfast.

V Blarg.

^ Don't you blarg at me, I will blarg you right back!
V Is doing something they shouldn't



< :)

V Hello.

^ Hi, I hope you're having BLARG kind of day!

< Looking forward to playing new the Bioshock game, one more month to go

V Is a Final Fantasy character

^Well my hair is getting a bit ridiculous but no.

< Needs a hair cut.

V Does as well.

^ Probably wouldn't be a bad idea.

< Eating a sandwich.

V What are you doing?

^Wasting a day off work playing FFXII.

< Loving every minute.

V Still in school.

^ Like hell I am.

< Finally got rid of...wait, hold on. Nope, headache is still there.

V Got into a fight with the Dovabear. It's like the dragonborn, only it's a bear instead of a human.

^ No, but there is a mod to make him a companion.
< So many mods. So many.
v Skyrim fries their computer.

^ Would be right if I even bothered to try...
< Doesn't want to fry his computer, so doesn't attempt to run Skyrim
v Doesn't want to give me a better computer...

^ Not really. Besides, I need a better computer myself.

< Is broke.

V Has so much money that they could build a small house out of it.

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