Recent studies

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Studies indicate that the web series Red vs Blue is quite awesome.

Studies show that I don't really like it...

Studies show that people can have different opinions.
This new study has frightened many people of the internet who are used to thinking that their opinion is fact and that any other opinion is wrong. XD
Joking by the way. I like it though.

Studies show my opinion of that I don't like studying at all is right...this has made me question life itself. 0_o'

Studies show my results are coming in 2hrs and I am nervous...

Studies show that results are always scary. Aye.

Best of luck you crazy fool.

Studies show that cats are in fact, the ultimate source of happiness

Studies show that depends on the persons allergies. >.>

Studies show that people with cat allergies are missing out on the ultimate happiness and must settle with regular happiness...

Studies show that the world pities those people. Silly peoples.

Studies show that I own a cat.

Studies show I was devastated when my cat died...

Recent studies have shown that people who have never had a cat often wonder what they're like.

Recent studies have shown that captcha is sentient.

Recent studies show that it's a silly disingenuous assertion.

Recent studies show Natural Selection is hilarious.

Studies show that my former friend is a bitch...

Recent studies show that the term implies a certain amount of hatred. o3o

Studies show that 100% of people who will and have drank water will die!

Recent studies show that I used that study a few pages back! :o

Recent studies show that tizzy will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law for stealing work form a previously used study!

Recent studies show that Tizzy will be put in the maximum security prison.

Studies show I will use my demons to escape...

and kill all witnesses...

Studies show that witnesses are really a bother. Especially when all they want is their 5 minutes of fame.

Studies show I dislike Delta Airlines...

Recent studies show that beep beep I'm a bus.

Recent Studies suggest that the bus know as Dango has no know destionation...well! Time to do some science!

*sits inside bus*

Recent studies show that trains are way better than buses. :3

Recent studies show that unconventional name labels saves time machines. >.>

Studies show that bad people do bad things.

Studies show that bad people rarely do good things anyway. >.>

Studies show Pizza is a popular and tasty food.

Studies show that I watch HGTV.

Studies show that you'll have to be clearer than that. <.<

Studies show the 3DS can be played without the 3D.

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