Recent studies

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Studies show that the world pities those people. Silly peoples.

Studies show that I own a cat.

Studies show I was devastated when my cat died...

Recent studies have shown that people who have never had a cat often wonder what they're like.

Recent studies have shown that captcha is sentient.

Recent studies show that it's a silly disingenuous assertion.

Recent studies show Natural Selection is hilarious.

Studies show that my former friend is a bitch...

Recent studies show that the term implies a certain amount of hatred. o3o

Studies show that 100% of people who will and have drank water will die!

Recent studies show that I used that study a few pages back! :o

Recent studies show that tizzy will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law for stealing work form a previously used study!

Recent studies show that Tizzy will be put in the maximum security prison.

Studies show I will use my demons to escape...

and kill all witnesses...

Studies show that witnesses are really a bother. Especially when all they want is their 5 minutes of fame.

Studies show I dislike Delta Airlines...

Recent studies show that beep beep I'm a bus.

Recent Studies suggest that the bus know as Dango has no know destionation...well! Time to do some science!

*sits inside bus*

Recent studies show that trains are way better than buses. :3

Recent studies show that unconventional name labels saves time machines. >.>

Studies show that bad people do bad things.

Studies show that bad people rarely do good things anyway. >.>

Studies show Pizza is a popular and tasty food.

Studies show that I watch HGTV.

Studies show that you'll have to be clearer than that. <.<

Studies show the 3DS can be played without the 3D.

Studies show that it's a toss pot rumour!

Studies show it is dinner time here.

Studies show that wherever you are is lame.

Studies show that Dango doesn't really know me very well. :p

Studies show that this is changing ever so slightly.

Studies show that you've got a long way to go.

That is to say, 3 steps at most. <.<

Studies show that I have an interview tomorrow...

Recent studies show I have too many forum games in my bookmarks.

Recent studies show that I originally posed as a stalker who stalked with great efficiency, Red. >.>

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