If this is the answer, what is the question?

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are you alive? SPEEK TO ME TIZZY!
purple dinosour

What is the name of that one drink that made us all messed up?

Jeez, it really really stinks!

Take a look at this! *shows Final Fantasy 13*

Hell if I know!

Why am I on fire again?

The end of time!

when will you stop drinking mummy?
Because I am batman

why do i wear underpants on top of my clothes ?

12 million

How much to buy back my soul?

What is the most painful thing to step on?

I shouldn't have worn that...

you looked amazing in that cat outfit at the party *cough cough slut*

What is the silliest looking design in 3rd gen?

Oh well, can't be helped...

the milk was spilt.
dub step

I need my ears to bleed, what do you recommend?

Hey, It could have been worse.

I can't believe that I found my dad in bed with my girlfriend can you?

I hope he rots in the worst form of hell.

What did I say when asked about my thoughts of Justin Bieber?


On a scale of 1 to 100 percent, how much do you care about me?


Why is Bill Cosby toasting at my wedding reception?
Quick, grab the bucket. We can save the boat!

What would be my respons be to one of my mates about to puke when were sailing?

Drugs, sex and falling in to a channel!

What shall we do for my bachelor party?
Stop, you'll kill Mr. Winkles!

Do you think I should drop this piano on your balls?

*Spasms and dies*

Here, play this! *Shows Superman 64*


Why dont u should us proper grammar and spelling u foool?
That hurt me when writing that.
Now to deal with those pesky monkeys.

Right, we took care of all those intelligent squirrels!

I didn't mean it, I was just trying to help!

Why did you glue my cup to my desk?

Well I wanted to try it.

I'm telling you, man, isn't this the greatest game ever made... ever? *Asked while playing Pong*

Long walks on the beach... and snowcones

What is the government controlling our minds with?

No not that. My eyes!

Grandma why are you flashing me!?
With this I can finally realize my dream!

Did you want these fries with that?

I find that rust is best for that.

Hey man, I need to make my bike a piece of junk, any ideas?

I never meant to do that!

Did you know that the bell you just rang gave an angel its wings?

Well you can't tell me I was wrong!

Did you say Justin Bieber is a chick?

Hey, you can't explain that!

Did the moon just wink at me?

Ten more bottles please.

I think you have had enough to drink, maybe you shoul....

Bitch please!

Wanna play some chess?

My back is mostly dust.

Hey man, how old are you? Give me and example.

Go away, I'm trying to stop that from happening!

Why hasn't it exploded yet?

Sweet Jiminy Jesus, that burns!!!

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