Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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We all know it.

Of course we do!


*Cuddles mParadox*

Be my baby ooo be my baby now woooaahooo

*cuddles head* Be mine forevvvvvvvver!

I love the way you do things no one else can do!

I am now mannualy breathing



I love you, but if you don't do what I want, your head comes off

That's how love works! <3

*Comes back*

Dear God what happened!?

*Looks up*




Three no's and a yes, means yes


I'd like to... examine your codpiece.

I'd like to stroke your hair as creapily as possible

I'd pet you as perversely as possible

I would eat your hardy filling into the late hours of the night.


My... what beautiful points you have.

My avatar is already a pony/ horse like creature so it only logical for her to hook up with the same species despite one from a cartoon and another is real life.

Y r u looking @ me liek dat?

Oh Hai tzizy

Oh hai Eevl Smuff!

Wacht yiu doon?

You are just too adorable!

*Snuggles tightly*

*looks at horse*

I think I love you!

*looks at building* THAT BEAUTIFUL DESIGN!

That white background <3

Awww! You're SO cute :)

Lady Hawke?
You're not how I see Hawke (Hawke clearly has a hobo beard, a pointed nose and owns a penis) but you'll do.

Hanged Man? ;)

For a one time offer, the iTaco comes with this picture!

So I'm in love with uh... nothing, seems appropriate I guess.

Would you like me to save you from it?

So we meet again.

I'm not sure whether you're coming onto me or threatening me...

Either way it'll involve a bite which I'm all game for.

Are you sure you can handle my bite?
I have very sharp teeth.

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