A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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Let's blow this planet up and go through the portal to the other dimension.

I got the portal.

*Uses lightning powers to open a portal to [Unknown]*

I'ma diving thro-... *goes through portal*

sweet, charges set :D

hopefully we don't die!
*jumps through the portal*

You mean we don't get to watch it? You guys used to be cool...

*walks to portal but trips and falls through*

...As a wise man said.

"Let's f*ck sh*t up!"

*Presses the deus ex bomb button*

*Jumps through the portal at the last second*

Uh, guys?

My head's stuck in a box ;__;

Isn't that some kind of containment box to keep your Taco-y filling fresh?

Also here.

*Gives Taco a straw*

*lands in a pool of boiling lemonade*

I need the straw! I'll drink my way to victory.

*hands straw* I was hiding in Tacos jacket!

...he isn't wearing a jacket.

*Inception sound*

So...where are we anyway?

I don't know

But apparently, it's a place where boxes are unmovable from heads!

Maybe if we shoot it enough...it will come off?

Or we can go on a quest to remove this box!

Who is with me!?

*still drinking the lemonade*

Hang on nearly done. There's a trap door at the bottom of this pool, it might be useful?

Someone else go first, I don't want to get my head box forcibly removed from my body!

Can't you foresee what will happen?

I foresee that...Taco will be shot...
By me...well, that sounds good.

Oh well, I shall leave it for another day.

*Jumps in pool*

Ahhhhh, I forgot I can't see underwater!
My eyes...


*gets box off head* Key is here guys...


Tasty! Key? We don't need a key to open this door.

*stomps trap door, clutches foot in agony and hops around*

We might need a key to open this door.

Know where to get keys anyone?

We must look for the most difficult place possible.

*Looks under door mat*

Found it!

*Throws around 100 keys that come from the mat*

Well...that's a lot of keys.

What do they all open? And why don't we just use force to open them instead?

Have I ever told you the meaning of insanity?


I forget >.>

It tastes purple and is filled with kittens?

I think we should find out the meaning of pancakes instead.

I mean insanity tastes like clouds... or was it clowns... well that explains the funny taste.

Thank you all, I'm here all night!

Tell me; are we near a tropical island or is it just me?

I think we're at a resort. :/

Thus the pool.

Let's hit the bowling ally!

I have a need to strike those pins down!

Bear on a sun lounger looks on bemusedly at the strange creatures that suddenly fell in the resort pool. Then wonders that the special all-inclusive deal did seem a bit too good to be true...

*gasp* BEAR! *throws tomahawk*

*Sees Tizzy throw the tomahawk but it falls into the water*

... Nice throw.

Now will someone explain why we are in a pool and how the hell is Taco bowling!?

Don't question our group's shared schizophrenic qualities exploration/travel skills!

We here to eat the clowny smelling purple filled kittens relax.

*relaxes* This new tropical island dimension is awesome!

So... what is the goal. Eat all of the buffet?

Yes! Now you are getting it!

Why do I feel like blowing up this world now. :/

Oh that's right... because Tizzy likes it. :D

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