A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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*looks at all the falling winged horses*
where the hell are we by the way O_o...
as far as I'm away those aren't normal....

... Apparently we are still in Australia.

I have heard of drop bears but Pegasus!
Geez... this is making me think it is the apocalypse.


Keep Calm
Eat a

*eat grilled Pegasus*

It's not keeping me calm!

*looks over*
oh, uh... I forgot I spiked one of them...erm... as long you don't start halucinating you should be fine.

*Still climbing down the mountain*

Thank god I remembered the alchemy back there. Wait, I can transport myself to the center pronto!

*Ten minutes later and some more close calls with lava*

Forget it, I'm doing it the normal way. Not interested in dying today.

Do we ride the Pegasus or do we hunt them down?

Well I suppose either works, unless Tizzy shoots them all, then we don't really have an option on the matter...

*chewing on a cop car*

Save some of those wings for me!

I want some grilled Pegasus... :(

*Starts PM-ing Taco*

... Wait a second...
Hell no!

*Gives Nantucket a grill Pegasus leg*

*Starts chomping on a wing.*

What does Pegasus taste like?

Like the chicken of the gods!

*hallucinating* Guys, have you noticed that a beard is like hair on your head, but on your face!?

Guys... I think their might be something bad in these... Pegasus

*Starts to hallucinate and looks at Tizzy*

... can someone tell me why that blue Pegasus is talking and has cat ears!?

@Shaun: Incidentally, there is a guild in Fairy Tail called Blue Pegasus.

OT: Dude...an arm is pulling all those tanned guys...

Uh oh... even shaun is gone...maybe I put a little too much "juice" in...

Ah well, I'm sure you will be fine!

@Tizzy: Huh, didn't know that.
Well I don't watch Fairy Tail. :P

OT: It's called a portal and I am pulling myself into the portal making an endless chain reaction...

Or we might just be tripping Balls?
Well... for one thing... that happy blue Pegasus still isn't dead.

One second thoughts... Hold the flying horsey meat.

Taco, we have to save them from themselves...

Wha? No, no, no, I feel free! *dance around*

Dancing is oppression! I'll get a fire hose!

*meanders off to find a fire hose*

Well, I don't think you guys will be letting me cook again for awhile. I wonder why it affecting you guys so much...
*looks at ingredients*

Oh, I see what happened, I mixed up my "secret sauce" with venom from the redback spider (known for several symptoms including psychoactive imaginings). You may experience some pain throughout your digestive track, but you should live....should....

Edit: yes, I carry around random things in attempts to make new potions/medications.

Fuck it, using my shadows to dig through.

*Few minutes later*


Oh. Hai gaiz. I'm not an enemy, not at all! >:-D

Well, good thing pegasus isn't on my diet o.o...

Maybe we should escape the mystical place of Australia...
To go to the moooooooooon!

... Then we can eat cheese!

The moon!? I approve! But where did we put our spaceship?

I can go to the moon with my mistical umbrella. But that doesn't help you guys much...
Maybe if I attached it to a large enough car, we all could go! :D

Oh wait, there is that oxygen problem...

Bah, oxygen problems! Puny mortals...

I found it! It's in that giant spider infested den! Who wants to go in and get our ship back? NOT IT!

Depends. What kind of giant spiders are we talking about here?

Are they the kind we can eat?
Also I'm guessing we're still in Australia because...

well spiders. D:

Okay I'm in... and I vote we use everyone except me as bait.

I found it! It's in that giant spider infested den! Who wants to go in and get our ship back? NOT IT!

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Pick me! Spiders aren't fire proof!

I'm voting for Karcentric, or indeed anyone that isn't me. Spiders creep me out. D:

Can I smash the spiders with the feet of disco-slaying?

Or are they too big?

Those spiders are much bigger than me...sooooo, I'll pass on the adventure to rid the world of giant spiders <.<

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