A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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Well I think I'm out of that.

What about coconuts?

I think Coconuts will work.

Good...because we have none~!

Any other ideas?

*Throws last coconut away*

Maybe if we believe in ourselves, it will refill itself

That works in some JRPGS,right?

Why not now?

Well, we're probably far down enough for this to count as Japan.


I do believe that can happen. And since I am from one, lets say ours run on the power of friendship...

Well this will be hard. *Poses and blue aura appears*

Am I still high?

But go theories working!


I'm guessing everyone has stopped trippin' balls?

Not sure if I have though.

Is that how you see the world?

Or how the world sees you?

But snap out of it, we need to keep on truckin'!

That depends - Is there or is there not a rainbow pegasus in the room?

*Burps and throws Pegasus bone*

Not anymore there is.

Ok everyone, lets do our Dragon Ball Z power up impressions to power the drill.




I'll let YOU be the judge about it

*Troll smile*

I ate it and that is that...

Now everyone. With me! We power it with Dragon Ball Z power...

*Squat poses again*


Dude, not on the floor! It's porcelain!

But yes, yell at the top of your lungs

Yelling makes you STRONGER!

Power up like on Dragon Ball Z, eh? Not sure if my powers will be helpful underground.

Raise our energy level by 20%

You can do that, right?


Surprisingly that actually filled some of the fuel.

Can I press the bu...*sees many buttons*

How do we work this thing!?

Close your eyes

See the panel in your mind

And then...


I'll let someone else do that. I just manage to finally get my nails clean.

*Admires nails*

Ok, I'll pretend to have a seizure on the control panel

*Has pretend seizure*

See, it worked!

20% increase in energy level, eh? Well, I'm also...

And no, I'm not a brony.

After seeing what I saw earlier, I won't be surprised what we'll see next. And I wonder what my 800th post will be...

Our journey downwards resumes, I guess.

Time to leave this place of happiness.

It will be awesome

Trust me, I'm from the FUTURE

I know things like that

OT: Dirt, dirt and more dirt

Where's all the color?

Funny you should mention the colour, that's the only thing I'm seeing differently.

Is that a M.C. Escher painting?

And did Master Chief draw it?

Questions without answers, answers without questions...

I'm just gonna take a stab and say the answer is False.
How deep are we now? I think we just passed the Triassic cave.

I'd say...

Pretty dang deep

Is everyone sane yet?

Pretty much, yeah

Rejoin our party!

We were sane? Am I still an inexplicably alive text box/puppy thing?

You wanted to be text, you got it!

What DO you want to be?


When I find a pic I want to use (I just can't decide), i'll replace this one. The one I've had for 2 years. Yep.

*throws streamers*
Yay! party!

We've influenced him!

And didn't we have one recently?

AHHH. WHAT IS THAT...THING. *points at a vacuum*

A vacuum cleaner?

What, do we have carpeting on this thing?

I never knew that!

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