A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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Ok, ok. Just calm down

Deep breaths...

*Puts vacuum in closet*

Neither did I... neither...did...I...

And just NOW you mention it?

That would have been handy to know, you know

I don't know what this drill is capable of!

It could be a transformer for all I know!

Maybe it is and it's just waiting for the time to transform!

TACO DON'T EVEN GO THERE. You know how much experience I have with a handgun?!

Second time in ten minutes I've been threatened with being shot/killed

Am I just really shootable or what?

Really, I want to know

When you make life-threatening jokes, yes.

But I'm the comedy guy

My jokes make all the tension disappear!


You worry too much

Also, threatening to shoot a possible ally is always a bad move

You can never have enough humor!

Do most underground expeditions end in a dog shooting a taco? It's kinda my first time...
Also, where is the crapper? I gots to do some... stuff.

*Points to room* In there.

Hey, so what I miss? How far down are we?

You missed a ton of acid tripping, check out some posts I made in the previous pages.

I think I'm out of it though.

@Aero: Need to lie down?

I think we should ALL lie down

Which was is down again?

Not sure about the position of the drill

I don't feel so good...

I'm not cleaning that up. I might be a dog but even I have standards.

*Tooru wakes up* What's been going on? And why is the control panel covered in rainbows?

This will explain everything.

It was Brendan Fraser.

So... Rainbow Dash is Brendan Fraser.

At least we have that figured out.

At least I'm the main character.

And I'm still not sure if the dinosaur is from the mushrooms or not.


Aren't there multiple protagonists on this drill?

I was assuming we were all protagonists, It's just a matter of which protagonist gets killed off first.

It's usually the funny guy or the ethnic person...

Who's not from around here? Juuuusssssst asking

Well technically Rainbow Dash is a person of many colors.

I'm not racist I swear.

If we ate her, do you think we'd "Taste the Rainbow?"

Completely hypothetical

I've tried it, rainbows don't taste as good as they look.

You are what you eat.

So that explains my head

I can't imagine what they taste like coming back up, though :/

Rainbows taste much better on the way out, trust me.

*Is knocked out of chair*

The crap!? You can do that?

No wonder bronies love that show!

I'm not a brony.

You just killed my happiness, it's going to take a lot to get it back up.

This will do.

I meant in general, not you!

Why would I forget that one fact you mentioned casually a few pages back?


A few pages back? It was merely the one before this one!

Yes, it does feel like it was so long ago...

-Insert amusing image about rainbows or acid tripping here-

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