The Great Related Chain

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BioShock Infinite is flashing you, trying to get your money attention

Will you give it?

When it's in the bargain bin...

Taco used "temp"
...It failed.

I want a Wii-U for Christmas...but I keep taking an arrow to the wallet...

It seems wallets are prone to taking arrows.

At least it's no longer guards.

I'd rather the guards take the arrow than my wallet...

Indeed, I have been getting a decent income though.

That's good

I have no income, so that's something!

I have only halfway decent income.

At least that's something

I'm almost at college... So close...

I am doing a pre-college course, it's annoying and i have to do part time work on Friday and Saturday and my Sundays are mostly me doing assignments.

Well, by the time I can even go to college, I'll have had 10 AP (Advanced Placement) courses...

Are they similar at all?

I dunno...

I saw the GTAV trailer! I am hyped again!

Walking Dead Episode 5 comes out 20/21!

I'm excited!

I'm more excited to be going back home for Thanksgiving. I've been away at College too long...

I have to make chocolate creme pies for Thanksgiving.

I don't have swim practice, that's something... I guess

I love getting free cakes from my workplace!

Free cakes!?

Lucky, the only thing I get at work is complaints about kids running at the pool >.>

Every now and then someone brings in donuts...

We had free soup and scones for lunch at college!

I am also not gonna get a Wii-U after all...

My collage used free food as an excuse to get students to show up to functions.
Free pizza was really popular at the school meetings.

Free food always works

The Wii U: Not quite a tablet, not quite a console >.>

Most of the games are ports...

And regardless of all that, it will sell.

I know, but after the news of new consoles bricking, I am not too eager to get one...

I'm waiting. The game library isn't big enough to interest me anyway.

There's still so many great games to play in this console generation alone!

So... Many... Games

I will probably get a few games for Christmas...

Vidja Gamez mak mah brainz hurt.

I'm confused now...
I'm surprised confusion pills don't exist yet. It seems there's a pill for everything else.

*makes petition for confusion pills*

My Vita purchase has officially been justified!

Good thing I didn't buy a Vita...

Your loss! *plays more Persona*

I love SMT games but strangely enough I don't care for Persona, too much micromanaging.
It's kind of like Bethesda games, I love rpgs, and by all means I should love Bethesda games,
but I just don't, and I don't know why.

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