The Thread of Love

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You will feel safe among your own! You can never be too careful.


It gave us the hilarious gag gift of the exploding cigar


They unite fanboys


They have a sort of super power for finding plot holes

Monday Mornings

They get people off their lazy asses.

Cotton food.

Cotton let's me drink more!

The Joker

Keeps batman in line


They can eat all the brains they want. We clearly aren't using them.

Captcha: run further. ಠ_ಠ

Gym class.

Girls doing gymnastics in skimpy outfits, yes please.

Moldy bread.

Homeless people in MERICA need to eat something!


Gave Americans something to talk about!

Flesh Wound.

It's only a scratch, they say


Everybody's a loser! Equally!

Atomic Communist

Helen! Our daughter's an Atomic Communist!

It shows how... warm the Communist theory is


Keeps you warm!

Motion Sickness

I needed to watch my weight anyway

Captcha: It's Super Delicious. ಠ_ಠ

Dry Heaving

It makes sure my gag reflex is still working


That is a good belief to stand by, now if only some other nations acted that way (talked it out than having war).

The Green Lantern live action movie!

It could be used as a promotion for St. Patrick's day, with all the green!


Well someone has to keep human rights relevant.

Labor Laws

They make sure kids don't revolt with weapons


There is absolutely nothing wrong with unicycles. They are forged in magic.

Bands who constantly talk about "haters"

They're too busy to keeping making music the haters hate than!

Broken pencils

A face shredder. Just what I always wanted.

Addictive substances.

They help the black market economy!


They allow us to study the human body and prevent future diseases.

The Holocaust

It gave us Holocaust survival books like Maus



He makes other bad things look the Australian internet and Australian politics!

Umm...My Little Pony. (Oh I hope for a hater on this one)

It makes some people happy (Not hater, just don't watch it)


Call me maybe.

Some of the parodys are funny!


We got a new oil source out of it didn't we?

Westboro Baptist Church

Someone we can hate together!

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

It saved me money from performing a late-term abortion! (Dark...)

US Congress!

A reason fo the public to unite against the man.

Triple-A Shooters

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