The Thread of Love

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A way for the man to rise unite against the public.

Musolini (and you can't say he made the trains run on time).

He was Hitler's friend; everyone needs friends!


They sometime make thing entertaining for some people to enjoy to read/ watch.

Sarah Palin

She has become a funny punchline to jokes!

Toxic Waste

It gives me superpowers!

Bipolar Disorder

More personality in one very unstable package!

The Hindenburg disaster.

It made for a badass album cover.

Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room'.

That scene in the film is pretty much iconic.

Computer virus

It makes sure my firewalls are up to par!

One Direction fan-fiction

Something to point our rage at.

Ku Klux Klan!

They show how ghosts dress!


When I cough it up I feel better.

Joseph Kony

I managed to know absolutely nothing about that whole thing except that he exists.

Pony 2012

It makes people feel self-satisfactory for not watching a TV show

Presidential debates

It's almost like watching an amazing film at the cinema but you're in your underpants at home.

Genital Warts.

Better than aids.


I can blame my car and claim it took control away from me!


Keeps sheep people in check.

Hit and Run

At least, they're okay.

Video game addiction.

It can't be worse than real drugs right?


It put to rest any doubt that governments are still being run by too-old men.


Cheap workers for the slavers!


It makes me stay awake in my classes!

Rainy days

It's a huge relief to places that are or was hot.

Chicken pox.

There's a chance of becoming a mutated chicken man!

No cellphone service

Less radiation in my ear.

Comic Sans

It allows people to not write in boring old times new roman.

a crab in your pants.

I won't fall asleep in class for a while.

Door to your house is locked, and key is inside.

I always wanted to break into my own house; it shows all the security loopholes!

Gambling all your money away

You have to spend money to make money right....right?

Your friend's (Is ugly, fat and bad at cooking) mum.

I don't have to see her every day.. or eat at their house all the time.

Projects assigned over break.

More time to do it.


I get to use my sandbox boat as an actual boat again!
Happened on 1997 IIIRC, my poor pet chicken and turtle got left behind at the house and then got recorded by the news helicopter!
The clip isn't on youtube though, I've looked for it.

Failing to find evidence.

You can always forge evidence.

Corrupt Judge.

If you pay them enough you can swim in their pool and drink their wine.

Boss at work.

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