The Thread of Love

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New phones are always fun to have!

"Hacked" Facebook accounts

More funny when you have to tell every you have been fraped.

Illegal Poaching.

*Fur*ther proof that we are the apex predator of Earth.

Nuclear MIRVs

Keep the world in a gridlock. Better that than straight out war again.

Getting knee'd in the face.

Cheaper than surgery.

Covenant Super carriers.

It made the background more pretty.

Ps1 Graphics.

All they need is some anti aliasing.
I was just playing Spyro 2, and I didn't find the graphics bad at all...

Shitty old games.

They make me love the good new games more.

Shitty new games.

they make good old games look better

botched surgery

I got some guys spleen, I love it!

Presidential debates

they make me laugh


Good safety...if your not the one trying to climb over that is. D:

A bad Taco.

It will clear your system


New comp time!

Swamped with projects.


Get's you off your ass.

Quick Time Events

Keeps you on your toes during cutscenes.

Also gave birth to this:

Shaky Cam

It prevents you from seeing the horribly choreographed fight scenes!

Falling off stairs.

I can make up stories about how I got injured!

Mainstream news centers

They provide hilarious jokes... everything they say is sarcasm right?

Having a brick dropped on your head

I'm Issac Newton, I'm learning about gravity!

Jersey Shore cast members

make good targets during shooting sprees

Call of duty

It looks pretty when I stab people with bullets.

Shitty games on Steam Greenlight

Steam is branching out trying new things.


I love how I don't have to buy the full game any more.

Monday morning.

Has you go to work/school, contributing to the economy.

Corrupt government.

Someone's happy at the least, even if they're not you!

Bad dubstep remixes

There's always something better... -_-

Sarah Palin

She can see Russia from her house, her eyesight must be incredible!

Rush Limbaugh

He makes hilariously sarcastic rants

A new Madden every year

Lots of people are happy with it.


It gives me a free pass to claim that my death was totally not my fault >.> <.<

My avatar. =P

God I love glowing eyes.

JRPG stereotypes.

Done well, they can be fantastic (they just usually aren't)

Enemy's that can 1-hit kill you.

It extends the game length, especially if he's a really tough boss battle early on!

Resident Evil 6

At least Leon, Chris and co are still out and about than being stuck in some game limbo!

50 Shades of Grey.

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