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I'm more of a dog man, but I seem to be an absoulute Cat magnet.
If you could live in any country bar your own (ignore language barrier), what would you pick.

Probably Canada, our neighbors to the north... or Australia... that'd be nice too...

How many hands do you have?

2 fully devolped hands, another 2 currently growing in my sides.

I don't have 50 dollars, what will 80 cent get me?

16 pieces of gum at a baseball game.

Do you understand the rules of cricket--the Limey game, I mean ;)

Nope. But I know how to go fishing with a real cricket. :)

Have you ever gone skydiving?



Are YOU afraid of heights?

No, not actually, I'm too dense to sense danger.

What your favourite chocolate?

The edible kind.

Where is your ideal dinner location?

in hell! mwahahahahahahaha! (no actually in a quite restaurant with sea food and calming classic music)

what do you think about the 10 year olds in CoD multiplayer?

Their parents deserve a harsh spanking for letting kids that young play CoD multiplayer!!!

Have you ever gone deep sea fishing?

Bonus Question: If you did did you throw up?

No, but it sounds like

What Call of Duty was the least worst of the series?

Probably Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare by at least having a major change, even if it was only change of scenery.

What to you is the most insufferable fandom?

Captcha: take a look. NO. You don't want to see what has been CREATED...

U.S. Republicans.

Have you ever wanted to hear on the news that members of a political party have/are being assassinated? Just out of spite--not because you paid for a hitman...I hope.

No, I'm not that spiteful to wise death upon politicians, or anyone really.

There are some DVDs, Blu-rays and video games, that come with those protective box sleeves. Do you keep them with the disc, or throw them out?

It depends on which one it is. Mostly it's a case by case basis whether the box sleeve is awkward or not.

Do you still by DVD's or have you made the move to Blu-rays?

What are disks?

Do you prefer downloading of physical copies?

If you mean "to" then no. I like having a physical copy--that way if the power goes out for a week like it did when a line of tornadoes ripped the power grid to pieces then I don't require batteries to read a book.

Do you wonder if moving completely to electronic books and storage is going to bite humanity in the ass in a big way some day?

yes. there is a probability that all the storing places get fucked someday

do you believe in unicorns?

Yes. Rainbows have to be their farts!

Would you copy that floppy?

Possibly. It would depend on the contents.

Is it time to rewind?

Past time. I think I threw all my cassette tapes away.

Do you prefer plaid or paisley?

That depends on what shoes I've got to go with the outfit.

Do you watch sports? The Super Bowl is on right now and it's pathetically one sided; as usual. :(

Nope. They don't interest me at all.

Can you tolerate sports fans? I know I can't.
Edit: Except for Shock.

It depends on whether they are the type who spout off "statistics" like they were accountants summarizing your tax return. I DON'T CARE who hit how many home runs in the third inning against a team composed of Eskimo dwarfs with lisps in year 'such-and-such'!!!!!!!!!

Do you say 'football' or 'soccer'?


The Super Bowl is over and DAMN but it was a REAL game! The Baltimore Ravens won it 34-31. Real games are rare in the Super Bowl because usually one team stomps the other in the first quarter or first half--which the Ravens did against the San Fransico 49'ers. But there was a 34 minute power outage at the beginning of the third quarter and the 49'ers came back and made the 4th quarter a real watcher-roo.

Would you have watched the Super Bowl if you knew it would be a close one right up to the final seconds?

I don't care for watching sports, when I myself could just go out and play said sport

What's the worst movie you paid to see in the theaters?

I can't recall. It must have been so bad my mind suppressed the memory! D:

Find out your new super-hero name by following this formula: What color is your top (shirt) as the first part followed by the first object/anything you see to your right.

Example: I am Black Chair. Fear me world. :/

I am the mighty Black Glass, FEAR ME!!!
That actually sounds like a super-hero name, though one of the lame ones no one ever talks about.

Who's the least lame of all the lame super-heroes?

There was an Avenger named D-Man who started out as a super powered wrestler working with Captain America. D-Man was a genuine wanna-be who suffered brain damage from being temporarily drowned or something. Afterwords even when his brain started working he would go without bathing indefinitely and was basically someone other super heroes and super villains would use as a bad example like in Dark Avengers #1

---"Don't cross me or I'll replace you with D-Man."


---"Trust me, it's not a compliment!"

Question: Did that answer just qualify me as a comics geek even though I haven't bought regularly in years? D:

No, but I can't look at you in the face now

Have you read A Series of Unfortunate Events?

No. I couldn't get past chapter 1. It was boring.

Have you read Anne Rice's Vampire series?

Yes, but I haven't done so since the 90's.

Who would win: Ninjas vs pirates vs zombies vs vampires?

Pirates. They have their own Metal sub genre!

Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris. Less redundantly redundant.

Do you like your metal screamy?

It depends on the song, but sure!

I can haz hug?

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