Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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I don't know honestly. I use Adblock everywhere minus Escapist, and I just tune out the TV ones.

How's life going?

It is fine.

What is the land speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

African or European?

What does 'x' equal when Bobby has 3 apples that were taken by the alien in a purple ship that flew into the sun?

X= Whatever you want it to be, numbers have no meaning!

How many smiley faces are needed in a conversation?

Depends on the weather.

What is Soylent Green(TM) made out of?

Spam and toe lint.

Will global warming turn the Mediterranean ocean into one giant fish stew?

I don't know, but sounds yummy.

Who wants Mediterranean Salty Fish Stew?

If it's low on mercury, ME!

Have you ever eaten sushi?

Nope, but I plan to try it eventually.

Why do half of the bosses out there suck?

In order to get to where they are they had to be suck ups, so their subordinates get the ugly side of their nature.

Have you ever wanted to punch a boss/coworker? Or maybe just strangle them a little bit?

Not a boss, but a teacher. Words fail to describe the anger I felt.

What is/was your best subject in school, next poster?

I made A's in English because I'm a good writer and after a few essays the Professors (we're talking college here) assumed my work would get an 'A' so they basically gave me 'A's. My worst subject was math. I had to take a remedial math course which put me off from taking 101 courses. Damn that was embarrassing!

Have you ever visited The Khan Academy Online?

My art history teacher always shows them

How do I respond to people thanking me for saying happy birthday to them?

Thank God for them.

Is sensory deprivation worth it?


It depends on what you're seeking when it comes to sensory deprivation. External silence you hope to match with inner silence? etc...etc.

Why is thesilentman warning us that he may be insane soon?

Since the quiet ones are the ones you have to worry about clearly he wants us to not take him seriously while he plots to massacre every employee at Dunkin Donuts.

What is the speed of an unladen African swallow?

2,500,050 Km/h?

Will you give me any cuprite?

I don't know what that is, so no... Sorry

What should I do with my life?

Succeed--and do it with style!!!

Would you do it if you could get away

Shout to the world that I did... it.. and laugh as they misunderstand the whole situation.


Not sure, but it's getting on my nerves. Geez!

Have you seen the Gaming Discussion thread about Anita Sarka-whatever? Gods, but the fanboys are grinding their teeth (in fury at how her first Tropes vs. Women episode isn't bad enough for them to damn to eternal damnation) loudly enough to hear it down in the PubClub!

Thankfully I've avoided all of that nonsense so far.

What is something interesting about where you reside?

There aren't any roaches or bugs at all? !

My apartment was so infested with roaches I reached the point of having roaches crawl all over me while sitting and reading or sleeping. I didn't bother reaching for fly swatters or rolled up newspapers or magazines--I just squished them by hand.

But here visiting my Mom everything is clean and roach free.

(and my apartment is now bug free--thanks to major efforts by the pest control people)

Have you ever eaten a worm?

No. I truly don't want to.

What should I do to prepare at the last minute for the SAT?

Ye gods! Okay, um---I suggest that you take a fiercely pragmatic and honest look at your academic strengths and weaknesses. Are you very good at English but okay at biology while sucky at math? If you're very poor at one thing but adequate elsewhere and "sorta good" at something else then you need to decide if you should avoid trying to improve on the sucky subject and improve your "sorta good" subject so the subjects you're adequate/good at raise your overall scores rather than running the risk of bombing everywhere by trying to improve (too late) in your weakest subject.

How long did the longest run on sentence you've ever written go on?

I'm not sure but I did once write a monologue that went for two pages.

What will tomorrow bring.

A giant ball of plasma undergoing nuclear fusion will rise up into the sky, and then fall into the earth sometime afterwards.

What's the best way to get fit?

You want to exercise, but not kill yourself. So just find a physical activity and do that a lot. Or just go with push ups and curl ups.

How should I relax today?

Play video games. Lots of video games.

What should the next Epic Rap Battle of history be?

Buddha vs. Billy the Kid.

Do you like MLP parodies?

Never watched MLP, so I can't say. Not even for the parodies.

Should I watch MLP?

Sure, if only to form your own opinion on the show, and get some perspective on the fandom.

How do you stay awake during a 2 hour lecture?

Imagine the lecture is about the Jazz flute.

What band should I get into?

Pink Floyd or Dream Theater. That is all.

How should I spend my Sunday?

Dicking around the internet.

What's your favourite thing to do on the net?

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