the hill game

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I had Chewie rip his arms off and beat Collins with them

This Hill is now property of Han Taco

'Tis but a flesh wound, *runs at Han Taco, stops and point an accusatory finger at him.* YOU shot first!
The realization that Taco ended a life without any provocation whatsoever drives him insane with quilt and he commits suicide as a result.

*Slowly walks up the hill, puts on a hat*
That's Mister Collins to you!!!

And it's my hill

*takes hat and throws it like a Frisbee* Go get it! *watches you chase it*

Mah hill!

Releases a pack of hungry dogs that rips Tizzy's flesh apart.
Hilly hill hill, you are mine.

*Teleports hill to the moon, leaving Mr. Colins to stand on level ground*

I guess I'll teleport myself to the moon-hill now.

Messes with the teleportation frequency, causing Username to gib himself*


unleashes holy gorillas with laser swords and grenades glued to their hands at somelamestuff.

now to find some space suits....

*Reveals that David Copperfield was hired to make a decoy illusionary hill and that the real hill is in an undisclosed location somewhere in Southern Germany*.

Das ist mine Hill dummkopf.

*Smashes PS1 with an axe*

This hill is now property of Taco

*Omnomnomnomnom* *burps* Man.. those tacos were good,
Who does this hill belong to?
*Realise my mistake*
WHHHYYYYY!!!!! Nooooo, Taco, you were too good for this world.

Still, at least I got this cool hill.

Mr. Colins, I challange thee to a duel!
*Gives Mr. Colins a sabatoged gun, then shoots him in the face when his gun doesn't fire*

So, anyone else want to duel me for this awesome hill I have?

I walk on top of the hill and just slap Mr. Sucks in the face, he falls to the ground and rolls downhill, I guess this is my hill now.

*Gives Kaleion's name to readers digest.
After months of hounding he is forced to move. The Digest people where just too violently persistent.

Now the hill shall be mine.

*Places PS1 over to the side*

My hill, my rules

Picks up the PS1 previously put down by PsychicTaco and smashes it over his head, breaking the PS1 in the process.

Come at me brethren.

You... oh my... you destroyed a PS1? You monster. I hope you are very ashamed of yourself!
Someone so despicable has no right to this hill. I claim it in the name of all that is good and pure!



My hill. :)

Oooh! And I get this sweet armor now. Well, helmet anyway.

*approaches Scorptatious, as he tries to inhale, I throw a poisoned pill into his mouth. He dies*

My Hill.

I offer Mr. Collins tea and biscuits in exchange of the hill, he being a high class British gentleman immediately accepts.

So yeah the hill is now mine and stuff, all mine!

I invade Kaleion's country, forcing him to run away from the hill

This hill is now part of the French Empire!

I Trafalgar and Waterloo his ass until he is exiled off to an island away from the hill.

My hill now.

I build a bigger hill right next to Redlin's hill, making him walk off in a mixture of jealousy and shame at his small hill.

Also, I built a bunker in the hill. WHAT NOW!?

Following the rules of scissors, paper, bunker.

I play scissors and win the hill.

I put a a Bubsy 3D disc on him, and make him play it until he can no longer take it and gives up the hill to me, jeez that was EVIL.

Here you go *gives copy of ET for Atari* Go have fun!

My hill nao!


I take the hill after my eight legged army clears the way.

sends team rocket to chase away both the spiders and Redlin*
Who's hill?

*smashes MrCollins with a sledge hammer and watches him roll down*

My hill!

*Throws a small baby at Tizzy and laughs as it bites his nose*

I think you'll find this hill is mine.

*Shove a lightsaber up his @$$*


I'm English so I defeat you by default.

My hill

And I'm Australian so I steal the hill and the ashes from you.

My hill mate!

And I'm American so now I free the shit out of this hill.


This hill is no longer part of America, I'm afraid. It is now a new nation, all of its own! And you're being deported.

My hill now.

Oh really? I will just have to resort to dropping hundreds of napalm bombs on you.

My flaming hill.

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