Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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@Barbies WHAT A TWIST! *pops some popcorn* I did NOT see that coming~!

Umm, we don't really change peoples user names in here...

@Michi: Really? The last full page suggests otherwise. C'mon, I think it's fun. Especially when the game has yet to actually start. Helps keep things from being too srs.

Edit: plus what @Barbiegirl said below - when the game kicks off I'm sure we'll all be playing proper-like.

Oh, I doubt anybody would do that once the game itself started, since it obviously doesn't appear in the inbox as normal. Just shenanigans.

Edit: I agree with Teaostfront above. Plus, all the piss-taking and "J'ACCUSE!" beforehand will have an interesting influence on suspicions of guilt to come, I imagine...

@Michi The only reason I started the incorrect names is because you gave me the name "User" which is not my full name. Is this some kind of double standard where only the GM (that's the term, right?)can mess up people's names? IS THAT IT!? HUH!?!

I can't wait to be murdered in my sleep like the good old days.

@Redlin5: I can't wait to read about it!

Not that I want to see you dead, of course...



@Barbas I'm sure you want him dead. That's right, everyone, if Redlin dies it means that Barbas is the killer.

What's that? Of course I would never kill Redlin and frame Barbas, that would just be killing two stones with one bird mean.

I have reason to suspect @staika already.

@user we shorten names, not change them. Also, sending out role PMs tomorrow. No PM, no role.

@All: Guess who's the 20th player? :P Come on, guess. I'll give you cupcake if you guess right.

@Dirty: Barry White.

@Dirt: Takeshi Kaneshiro!

@Dir: Barbara Bush.

@Barbas, @Teoes, and @Swag Gendo: Wrong! You're all wrong! It's SUBJECT_DELTA! :P

But srsly, it's me, Will Smith James Funs.

@Di: I'VE GOT IT! It's Barbara Bush, isn't it.


Also, who is SUBJECT_DELTA?

@Teoes: You ripped that off of Barbas. >_> You should be ashamed of yourself.

@Barbas: <_< .... You people and your broken brains...

The guy who started the WAOA roleplaying series the Cult of Avatar Changers.

@Dirty_Cop_James_funs: There are two of them - one user is all upper-case and the other is all lower-case. Strange.

@Barbas: The one with the upper-case is obviously a spy!!! Get yo flame-throwers, mate, we have a spy to eradicate! O_O

@: I'm not sure which is upper and which is lower - shall I just burn them both? It's the only way to be sure.

@Teoes: The one with the lower case is-you know what? Screw it! Go ahead, burn them both.

Wait, who or what am I burning again?

@Teo: Subject Delta... or some teenage pop-singer.... I dunno, I lost track.

@Dirty: We have too many pop singers as it is. Do with them what you will, they shall not be mourned.


/target some sort of teenage pop-singer
/click red_button
/target self

@DCJf: Did the best I could.

@Teo: By burning yourself?

@Jam: Yup. Whether it be due to incompetence or abiding by my motto (discriminate indiscriminately), you have to agree it's fair.

The Roles Have Been Decided. Watch your asses because the killer is lose.

Woah boy, here we go! Don't make any sudden moves, @staika. I'm watching you.

@Teoes: The killer will probably kill you first to make everyone assume I am the one who did it. <_<

@Dirty_Cop_James_funs: The custardplot thickens. Also, note that @username_sucks has been trying to divert suspicion away from himself by suggesting @Barbas wants to kill @Redlin5..

Yeah I trust no-one here. Especially the ugly ones. You know who you are.

@Teoes: How do we know that you're not the killer, hmmmmm? <_<


@Teoes: Are we playing spy vs spy then?

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