Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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@Barbas: We can rebuild him. Faster, stronger, built to last longer... also with robot arms and lasers.

@T0ad 0f Truth: Weeeell, I don't really wanna spend a lot of money...

@Barbas: But you're a ghost now! You can go through the vault door of banks or something.

@T0ad 0f Truth: That is true. What, uh...what would I do inside, though?

@Barbas: Spook anyone who comes in to death so they end up leaving it open. Then your tangible buddies come in and grab the loot!

@T0ad 0f Truth: 2spooky4them. It shall be done.

I think I killed him. Everyone, lets get a mob to go get vengeance on user!

@Barbas: 3spooky4u!

With that we can all buy pools! And rebuild the fallen as robits. It'll be great!

I have no idea what's going on anymore!

@Schizzy Is the suspense getting to you, too?

@Schizzy: That's because you're a cat. Cats are stoopid. Dorp.

@Barbas At least cats don't accidentally push their owner off of a cliff, unlike a certain dog I know.

Cats are too smart for that. If they push someone off a lethal fall, it's on purpose. Far more vicious in a fight, too.

@username sucks: Cats are not invincible. Also, that is a developer mistake. Humans don't code great when they use their asses instead of their hands, apparently.

@Barbas No, no, I'm pretty sure it is just a quality of dogs everywhere. It even applies to talking dogs of demons.

Also, cats may not be invincible, but they do have nine lives. Science!

Cats would totally pwn doggies.

@Schizzy Was that before or after the first Cats & Dogs movie came out?

I say we get Mr. Torgue in here to blow up all of the cats and dogs so we can settle this dispute peacefully.

Well, as peaceful as huge deadly explosions can be, anyways.

i'm just putting this out their...

Cats > Ponys

*Puts on grammar nazi hat*

@MemLCol: It's 'there', not 'their', Herr MemLCol.

*Takes off hat*

Otherwise, you make a highly compelling argument, to which I am compelled to believe that, yes, cats are better than ponies.

I didn't get the 80% for votes so you non-voters are going to die.

check your inbox.

Also, the list of non-voters:
Mortis Nuncius

Oops...I knew I was forgetting something.

My apologies.

On an unrelated note, I really wish I didn't have to wait until after the weekend for my new computer to be shipped!

Now, on a note more related to the previous note that was actually semi-related, I should be able to keep track of these things a lot more efficiently.

Remember when no one voted when I was GM?

Wasn't that fun?

It is my duty to inform the abstainers...

I want pizza.

And hey look! I did my civic duty! I also guess it totally wasn't Taco xD

@The Killer: Denied!

So, you didn't vote and now you're dead.

Wait...where's NeoAC's death? Did we skip a step?

I hope someone hasn't been executed prematurely.

When was voting supposed to take place, it was never in the title! That's why I didn't vote, oops I guess.

When was voting supposed to take place, it was never in the title! That's why I didn't vote, oops I guess.

I woke up late this morning and nearly missed school; this is the first I saw of this thread today.

Guess I'm just not up for this game anymore, I can't keep track of it. :|

@Neuromancer: Nooooooo! Not you! everyone but you! *Cries* I swear, with all my ghost powers, I shall avenge you!

@Dirty Cop James funs: Weep not for me, my good man. This body may be broken, but the spirit can't die!

i didn't die! woo.

also grammer can suck my left pinky toe's girlfriends baguette @schizy

@MemLCol TBOT: Well, that was needlessly graphic.

@barbas just cause my toe has a girlfriend that likes french bread rolls?

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