Pokemon RP Slots closed Chapter 11: I'm on a boat!

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"hmmmm well I could go for some lunch so let`s go" jeffery said the trainers then stepped into the restaurant taking one booth to fit all of them their Pokemon were huddled around the outside eagerly awaiting their food a waitress possibly in her teens came over and asked them what they wanted all of them ordered a burger for them selves and some poke-chow for their pokemon, except for Rodney who only wanted a salad and had ordered some meat for chompers after taking their order the waitress then said to jeffery
"hey you`re that kid who got that old lady`s purse back from that thief, I thought that was really brave and I like heroes" she then gave Jeffery a kiss on the cheek and walked off to get ther`re food all the while the others were looking at Jeffery and making oh la la noises trying to embarrass him.

Once their food got there they started a discussion about what was going to happen at prof.oaks
Jeffery suggested the he might want to keep rosgry for further study to which Trevor quickly objected.

"Uhuh no way". Rosgry only had to jump on the table with his fists clenshed in order to emphasize the point "Rosgry, Ros!".
"He said it best"

Chompers took this as some game and jumped up to and began to dance, all the while the massive steak was hanging out of his mouth. Rodney told Trevor "We should atleast let Oak take a look at him, do you know anything about him then? his type is obviously psychic but evolutions, egg type anything?" He then continued with another question this time to the whole group "Well we will soon be off to Pewter city for our first badge....ummm you guys want to travel together? I think we make a pretty good team" He said with a big grin on his face.

"Well, he likes to collect stuff. Leaves, rocks pokemon feathers that kind of thing. He just puts them in his pock..." The sound of the napkin decepencer being violently emptied of its contents bought everyones attention as Rosgry stuffed its contents into the pockets of his space suit a flurry of electric lights buzzing in his visor.

"Uhh, Apart from that nothing"

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Rodney was shocked "So not paying for those!" he said then added "Well I think if we travel around then it might do him some good, he will get to see lots of new things and hopefully not destroy them"

Heather chimed in "Yeah and who knows there might be more like him out there"

The enthusiasm was over whelming and while Trevor often wondered bout these things himself, he really couldn't really bring himself to trust somebody with something like Rosgry. Upon hearing more bout exploration and the chance of meeting more of his kind Rosgry gave a look to Trevor. "Guess your right" So where is this Oak guy anyways?

"um his lab is visible right out the window" Jeffery pointed to the building on top of the hill as he devoured his burger.
"oh and I`m all for the whole team thing if it means we get to travel I just have one rule: try and hurt my riolu outside of a Pokemon battle and you will be dead before you can say holycrapImsorry"
Jeffery than scratched his riolu behind the ears just how he liked it with everyone staring at him in a state of slight shock
"well I say we get going" the group then left and started for the hill with the crowd of towns people still angry about the whole magician thing once they arrived at the gates Jeffery pushed the button for the intercom and said
"Ummmmm we`re here to see prof. Oak we`ve got something to show him."

They went through the gate and were expecting to find Oak in his office but instead was outside feeding the Pokemon he walked up to them and asked "How may I help you"

That lunch had left a dent in Magnus's wallet, his back pocket felt considerably lighter. He decided that as soon as they got to a pokemart, he had to find an ATM. He was a little surprised when they found Prof. Oak outside so quickly.
"We have something to show you that migh just be the Pokemon discovery of the century." Magnus told Prof. Oak, who seemed quite intrigued. "Trevor, show him Rosgry."

Trevor called out the Pokemon and displayed him for Professor Oak. Oak's eyes went big, like a child who sees a large piece of candy.
"Come into my lab please." They followed Oak into the lab...

Rodney asked Oak "Your not going to hurt him are you?" Oak laughed maniacly and said "Why of course I am" Trevor raised a fist and so did Rosgry, so Oak quickly followed up with "I'm just kidding guys don't worry little...what was it? Rosgry ah yes, Rosgry your in good hands."

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Oak then started to examine rosgry giving it all the tests you would give to someone in a physical he then asked Trevor "what characteristics does this Pokemon have" to which Trevor replied "uh well he`s a psychic type who like to collect things"
"ah yes psychic types are quite common for Pokemon not of this earth. now if you don`t mind I still have some tests to run" oak then continued to examine rosgry
Jeffery then said "uh yeah you guys got this covered I`m gonna go explore the field outside c`mon riolu" Jeffery then walked off outside riolu in tow.

when he got outside Jeffery sat under the nearest tree and started to wondered what the hell is going on
"I mean an alien what the fuck" was all he could say under his breath he then stared off into the distance looking at the nearby stampede of tauroses.

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There were beeps and strange noises surrounding Rodney not to mention then stress of stopping Chompers trying to bite everything and Rosgry trying to "Physically examine" everything. Oak seemed very confused about the reading "Well it shows here that they are a species, not legendary but it isn't bringing up any information about where they could be from or anything. I'll enter him into the Pokedex for now and if you find out anymore info then just put it in these special edition Pokedex's" He handed them each a large,green Pokedex and gave the spare one intended for Jeffrey to Rodney.

"Thank you Professor." Magnus thanked Oak, took the pokedex, and walked outside to the kid with the Riolu, Jeffrey. "Hey, uh... Jeffrey, right?" Jeffrey nodded. "So, now that this whole mess is cleared up, what're you going to do? I mean, the way it looks, we're going to be travelling together for a while." He thought for a moment. What was the best way to get to know a fellow trainer? "Jeffrey, would you like to battle?"

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Heather looked around the the lab as the others were gathered around the newly identified pokemon. She walked outside to see which pokemon Oak was holding right now. She saw a few of the more common smaller ones probably those of new trainers like the group. She saw a few more evolved ones possibly of more experienced trainers. Then she spotted a very familiar Heracross.

"Hey you! Is your name Crosser?" She said looking at the abnormally large Heracross. The bug turned to look at here looking her up and down before smiling flying over to her. Rossto shrunk back as the Heracross made his way over. Heather gave him a pat on the head before Rossto flew up perching on his horn. She turned back to walk inside with Crosser and Rossto following her.

"And here a pokedex for each of you...Oh I see you found Crosser. He is really friendly for a Heracross." Proffesor Oak said.

Heather smiled before replying, "Oh I know Professor. He's my fathers. I was raised with him."

Professor Oak scratched his head before smiling, "Oh so you are Renton's daughter. He called me earlier saying you would be arriving here. It's nice to see you are carrying on the tradition. He also told me you had an Egg and for me to check on it."

Heather laughed thinking about her father as a kid before taking her back pack out and carefully pulling out a small green spotted egg. The professor carefully took it before examining it and handing it back.

"Well it is definitely being well kept but it still has a while before it hatches. Tell your Father I said hi when you see him again." Oak said returning the egg.

"Aww come on can't you tell me what type of pokemon it is professor." Heather said with a whine before returning the egg to her backpack.

Oak gave a laugh before replying, "And that would ruin all the fun of it. Now go ahead and say bye to Crosser I think your friends are about to have a pokebattle."

Heather patted Crosser one last time before the Heracross made his way back outside. She sat down on a bench inside next to Joseh about ready to watch the battle before Rossto poked her in the head before pointing at his belt. He had two pokeballs.

"Hey it was Hoseh was it? How about a a quick battle one on one!" She said to the older boy with a smile.

Rodney looked at Trevor and said "So I'm assuming we don't want to get left out of the fun?"

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Joseh gave a low grunt. "It's Joseh, and...well...I had a meeting with the professor here right now. Can you give me about fifteen minutes? Then we'll see."

Heather raised an eyebrow. "Serious business, aren't we? Alright then, I'll see you outside." She walked out of the lab with Crosser and the Pidgey, leaving Joseh and the professor alone in the lab.

Joseh shook his head. "Kids are too damn young to be running around the wilderness with Pokemon."

"Well, it's customary that a person who wishes to become a trainer leaves on his or her own personal journey around the early teenage years."

"I suppose, but...some days I wonder."

"But that's not why you're here is it? Your parents called me to let me know you were in town and said something about a problem. It's why I called you here."

Joseh glared. "I don't need my parents' help. They did what I'm doing on their own. Don't they trust me to figure out my own problems?"

"I'm sure they do Joseh, but sometimes we need another's help or guidance. You may have been traveling alone for a year with no one but Noah on your side--"

"There's another..."

"You captured another?"

Joseh cringed at that word. Does he really have to make it sound like we're holding these creatures as slaves? "Not exactly, professor." He turned to his belt and picked off one of the two pokeballs. He opened it as a charge of energy blasted from the capsule. The form of a small Poochyena appeared between them.

The pokemon gave a yelp and ran behind Joseh's legs. "This is Talos, I found him nearly dead outside of Cerulean City. I had heard Team Rocket had broken in the area, so I assumed it was another--" He stopped. He almost said the word "reject"; he didn't want to say that in front of Talos.

"I see..." The professor crouched down and held out a pokecube. "Come on, little one. Don't be shy."

Talos didn't move. It remained quivering behind Joseh's feet.

Joseh sighed. "Now you understand what my problem is. Or rather, why Talos is so...reluctant to nearly everything. I'm sure if he was fully OK, he would've never come to me that night I found him."

Professor Oak returned back up. "I understand your concern Joseh, but there are somethings that only time can fix."

"So there's nothing you can do?"

He shook his head. "Poochyenas are known for their timid natures, and have a tendency to be easily swayed whenever they are treated by others. What I see here is particularly normal." He tossed the pokecube back to Joseh. "But, as a poochyena matures, they grow out of this timid nature. Either gradually or by a critical moment, they lose it. I'm sure Talos will be fine as long as you take care of him."

"That's what mother and father said but--"

"You wanted to do more for him."

Joseh nodded picking up Talos in his arms. He fed Talos the cube that Professor Oak gave him as the Poochyena happily ate into it.

"I do have a request for you, and it will most likely help Talos: I want you to follow that group of young trainers you came in with."

"What? They're just kids--"

"This is also for you. Pokemon are like children, and all have different natures...just like humans. They need guidance. Well, except perhaps Heather, but--"

"Isn't she about fourteen?"

"Sixteen. Daughter of one of my associates."

Joseh blinked. "She certainly did not look sixteen..."

"Regardless, the other reason is to watch out for the one with the strange pokemon. It's possible other parties would want to get their hands on him." He pulled a card out of his labcoat. "This is the latest version of the Pokedex for your Pokegear. I want you to monitor that pokemon and record anything...strange the pokemon does. This will not only be for me for research, but also give you insight as to how a newly discovered pokemon works with others."

Joseh grabbed the card and looked at it. "Anything else, Professor Tree?" It was what he called Oak since he was little.

The professor laughed, "Ah...somethings never change. But yes, that's it."

Joseh began to walk out of the building before hearing the professor say, "Well, there is one more thing: your mother would appreciate it if you called her from time to time...she does miss you."

Joseh chuckled to himself as he walked out of the lab with Talos in his arms and the Pokegear card in his hand.


As he exited the building, Heather was waiting for him and instantly jumped in front of him. "Well? Are you going to accept my challenge?"

Joseh blinked at the immediate questioning from the girl. "Um...not right now, Miss--"

"Just call me Heather. Sheesh, that's creepy coming out of a guy who's like twenty five."


"What? Really?"

"Yeah...it's the goatee isn't it?"

She nodded, "Well, what's wrong? Aren't you a trainer then Hohsay?"

"It's Joseh, and no, I'm not--"

Talos leaned towards Heather with a tentative sniff. Instantly, the Poochyena opened its mouth and gave a happy bark.

"Awe, what a cute little guy!" Heather opened her arms as Talos jumped from Joseh's grip into them.

Heather caught the small pokemon as it licked her face. "You must be a very brave little guy to just come up to me like that, aren't you!"

I don't...I don't believe it... Joseh stared stupefied at what he was seeing. How is it that all of a sudden, Talos's fears are gone?

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Rodney prepared to battle with Trevor and Rosgry again he looked down at Chompers and said "Ok little buddy you actually going to listen this time?" Chompers shrugged his shoulders great even my own Pokemon is making a fool of me now Rodney thought.
Then the battle was started "Ok Chompers use Slip n' slide tackle!" Rodney had noticed the ground was slightly elevated to his favour and had created a move for such advantages. Trevor was confused and could only say "Be on your guard Ros" Rosgry nodded and adopted a fighting stance. Meanwhile Chompers had spat out a massive stream of water which he jumped down at an angle and began to fly down a speeds, as the end of the small hill he launched himself of in the shape of a spiky little ball but Rosgry already had his guard up so he didn't get hurt much but he did get the impact of the hit. Trevor ordered out "Ros! use psybeam!" Rosgry began to charge up a powerful Psybeam. Rodney knew this wouldn't end well all he could do was continue to dodge move after move until it hit him...Psychic type! "Chompers use launch tackle but finish it with bite attack!" Rodney quickly called out while at the same time hoping that Chompers for all his biting actually knew the dark type move bite. Chompers launched himself up in the air, Trevor commented by saying "Ha! you've just given him an easier shot, NOW ROSGRY!" "Ros, ROS!" replied the alien pokemon while firing off the blast it hit Chompers dead on but the impact covered up Trevor and Rosgry's view only Rodney could see what was happening Chompers was getting hurt but his bite attack was sliding slowly through the beam and would soon reach Rosgry.

Rodney ordered what he hoped would be the last move of the match "CHOMPERS FULL POWER BITE NOW!!" with that the small blue speck in the multi-coloured power blast began to move further and further through until he found his target, the head of Rosgry to which he firmly clasped himself to with his teeth now glowing with dark-type energy. "That's it now don't give up boy!" Rodney contiuned Rosgry tried again and again but the mixture of pain from the attack and the massive headache Chompers was giving him was unbearable and he collasped. Rodney immediately ran out to collect Chompers and Trevor did the same, they shook hands and congratulated each other on a good battle.

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Magnus and Quillz stood facing Jeffrey and Riolu, both pokemon stood in a battle ready stance.
"Quil, quil, Cyndaquil. Cynda, cyndaquil, quil." Quillz told Magnus.*Alright Magnus, I want to kick some ass. You know what to do*
"Alright girl," Magnus reassured her. "Be careful though, we don't know that one's attacks. Be prepared for a force attack." Magnus clenched his fist and called out his first command.
"Quillz, use Smokescreen!" A thick black smoke emanated from Quillz's back and clouded the field.

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Jared hurried to catch up to the group. He was still pretty embarrassed about his grand entrance to the group and his display of bumpkin-like intelligence that he had barely said anything during the group's trip to Oak's Lab. He pretty much got his pokedex and headed right back out. Here he was, in Pallet Town, and he couldn't even say anything to the great Oak. [i]Still can't believe I managed to make it here. Without using a penny.[i] A couple of the others paired up for a battle, and the prospect obviously excited Jared's pokemon.

"Ran! Ran-ran! Ni..ran!" came the excited cry from Nicky.

"All right, all right! I know you want to get some practice in. It's been a little bit hasn't it? I think we'll have to wait our turn, Nicky," reply Jared, scratching behind Nicky's ears.

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"you are so going down" Jeffery said to magnus, who him and his cindiquil were ready for a fight.
"cindiquil ember" magnus ordered and his Pokemon let out a burst of small flames that riolu was just barely able to dodge
"riolu power punch" riolu charged full force at cindiquil with his fist ready but cindiquil was able to dodge it and deliver a headbutt sending riolu into a nearby tree.
"riolu slide attack and into the three piece special" knowing exactly what to do riolu ran straight at cindiquil and into a slide tackle leading with it`s foot it was able to get under cindiquil, riolu then kicked one of his legs up sending cindiquil into the air riolu then jumped after cindiquil giving it an uppercut elbow,a roundhouse kick and a downward elbow sending cindiquil plummeting to the ground.
"well now how do you like that BEOCH" Jeffery yelled as riolu descended to the ground
"oh yeah how do you like this cindiquil turn up the heat" cindiquil did as it was commanded and raised the fires on it`s back to tremendous levels which riolu fell right into. causing riolu to howl in pain and run off holding it`s back side.
"Well that was funny" Jeffery said chuckling riolu gave him a nasty look
"okay sorry man it was funny though" Jeffery said apologetically
"well if you two are do-"
"no we are not done" Jeffery said cutting him off
"riolu, apocalypse take down" riolu then charged at cindiquil fury in it`s eyes taking cindiquil aback it tried to take down riolu with needles but missed riolu then jumped into the air and elbow raised above it`s head and slammed down on cindiquil pushing it`s head into the grass and nearly knocking it out.
"well this battle is as good as finished" Jeffery said turning away
"Oh no it aint" magnus yelled
"cindiquil fire needle" cindiquil the surrounded his mouth with fire and fired off several fire coated needles but due to it1s dizziness it missed completely and without any real energy collapsed.
"yeah mate I nearly got to the Pokemon championships so I would`nt feel to bad about losing to me" Jeffery said trying to be sympathetic
"you got a point there" magnus said extending his hand in a sportsman like gesture which Jeffery immediately took.
"hey rolling guy your turn" Jeffery said motioning to Jared

"Not so fast" Heather broke in between Jeffery.

"You have already had a turn and Hohsay doesn't want to battle so you'll just have to wait." she giggled as she heard a loud sigh come from behind her. She placed Talos back on the ground letting him return to Joseh before letting Rossto land on the ground beside her.

"Now...Jared. I challenge you to a pokebattle!" She said pointing her finger at him. Rossto gave as serious a look as a Pidgey could give before copying the movement with a wing.

In between the rucus of the multiple battles Rodney went to see Professor Oak "Professor, I'm not sure if you just saw the battle or not but Chompers here just used bite which was a good thing for me but very confusing seeing as he shouldn't have such a high-powered move for a while?" he asked to which Oak responded "Ah yes! I saw it was amazing as well, all I can say is that you have one corageous little Totodile there" Chompers loved praise and immediately jumped onto the Professor's head and began a victory dance, needless to say Rodney was embarassed beyond belief while Oak just laughed at the small pokemons shenanigans.

Jared was a bit surprised in the sudden interest in battling him, but also kinda excited. "OK, OK, but I can't fight two people at once! I dunno, if you guys want to do rock paper scissors or something, we can eventually go against both of ya."

Magnus graciously accepted his defeat at the hands of Jeffrey. He had not expected such unorthodox attacks that were frankly not best suited for a Riolu. He returned Quillz to her pokeball and began to watch the others battle.
"You know Jeffrey," Magnus told his new friend. "While you were able to beat me with those tactics, they might not suit you in the future."
"What d'ya mean?" Jeffrey asked.
"I mean that you should start training Riolu to his strong suits. I noticed that his movements in battle were fairly slow and clumsy, relying on his physical strength. While he is a Fighting-type pokemon, a Riolu's power comes from it's Speed. When it learns to use it's force moves, it usually takes it's speed and uses it to find an opening. THEN, it should take the opportunity to strike when it's vulnerable.
"You think so? I've always used my unique strategy to take opponents off-guard. Like I did with you." Jeffrey grinned smugly.
"Yeah, but in the future, when you battle more experienced trainers, they'll be able to adapt to your strategy and turn it against you."
Magnus walked inside to heal Quillz in the Pokemon Restoration Device. Ding Ding Ding Dong Ding, the bell chimed and alerted Magnus that his pokemon was fully healed.
"Alright, come out Quillz." She popped out of the ball and appeared at Magnus's side. She started rubbing her head up and down his leg. He scratched her head happily. "Damn, you sure are affectionate lately. Come on, let's go outside and watch the others battle." They walked outside and sat down in the warm grass.

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Resting under a tree after their battle Trevor took the time to think. these kids aint so bad. A little straight edged but not bad Trevor took a look around. Rodney and Chompers were walking out of the lab, Heather and Joseh were talking while a poochyena kept yapping at their feet and Jeffry and Magnus were discussing strategy.
Earlier Rodney had suggested they travel together. "What do you think Rosgry?...Rosgry?" It was at that moment that Rosgry fell from the tree into Trevors lap, a pinecone held firmly in his hand. "So nice of you to drop by?", "Gry".
"You think we should go with them? The company would be nice and its not like we had much of a style to cramp anyways"
It took a while before Rosgry answered."Ros"
It was at that point that Rodney and Chompers walked over, Chompers immediately diving at Rosgry as a play fight broke out.
The two trainers sat there watching before Rodney asked "so did you think bout my offer?"
"Yeah. We're in" offering his hand, Rodney shook it with gutso. {i] rookies[/i]

Quillz started to walk off toward the field that had the pokemon in it.
"Quil, quil. Cyndaquil." *I'll be back later. I'm going to hang out with that Cyndaquil over there* She pointed her nose towards a group of pokemon that had a male Cyndaquil, roughly the same size as Quillz.
"Okay, but be careful..don't hurt yourself." Magnus told her. He smiled at her behavior. She's sure been acting weird lately. She would normally never go off and talk to some strange pokemon.
"It seems that Quillz has taken a liking to another Cyndaquil." Professor Oak told Magnus. "If I'm not mistaken that one belongs to one of my favorite proteges, Ash Ketchum..Quite an energetic young lad, heavens know where he is right now."
"Oh yeah? That's nice, I'm glad." Magnus said to Oak. "That Cyndaquil looks like an excellent specimen. A fine male example of the species." He watched Quillz's behavior from afar, she was being very affectionate with the new Cyndaquil, eventually the two went off together somewhere.
"Hmm, oh well, she knows to be back soon." Magnus told himself. He continued to watch the others in their battles. Enjoying a nice rest in the cool breeze and warm grass.

Rodney watched eagerely as the last of the battles was soon to begin, it would soon be time for them to finally begin there journey through the Pokemon world.

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Quillz walked with the male Cyndaquil in the field. His musky scent wafted through her nostrils as she moved closer to him. They reached a slightly wooded area, secluded from the other Trainers' pokemon. He began to nuzzle her neck with his snout.
*You smell beautifully, quite fitting for a wonderful female such as yourself.* The male told Quillz. She giggled, wooed by his advances. He began grooming her fur affectionately as they cuddled in the woods.



For those of you who haven't gotten it by now.. Quillz was in heat. Understand now? Good.

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Rodney headed over to the tree Magnus was resting at and said "Hey have you seen your Cyndaquil around lately?" Magnus responded "No, last I saw of Quillz she was going out in the forest with the other Cyndaquil to.... play OH MY GOD!" Rodney was confused and only replied with a "Huh?" Magnus then told him it was best if he didn't know and unfortunately he did know now and was rather disturbed he turned to Chompers and asked "Hey buddy you wouldn't leave me for a nice, Totodile girl would you?" Chompers nodded and again began to dance. Well it's always nice to know your pokemon are loyal.... Rodney thought to himself.

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Magnus ran hurriedly, looking for Quillz, but then stopped and thought for a moment.
If she wants to do this, I doubt I'll be able to stop her. She's one determined little Fire-type. Fine, if she has an egg that's her own fault. Besides, an egg might come in handy.

Magnus walked back to the tree and saw Chompers and Rodney sitting down.
"Back already, what's the matter, couldn't you find her?" Rodney asked.
"No, it's not that." Magnus said. "I just decided to let her have her fun. She'll have to deal with the consequences. I can't stop her from doing what she wants to do. If I did she'd hold a grudge and probably wouldn't listen to me for a while....She is going to get a shower tonight though, whether she likes it or not." He sat down next to the two and took a look at Chompers. "Chompers is an impressive pokemon, especially that Bite of his. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of those jaws." He patted Chompers on the head gently and enjoyed the afternoon sun. He dozed off and was soon asleep.

Rodney thought about it for a moment again Well i you can't say Pokemon don't have feelings and needs heck, I might even catch another Totodile when Chompers here becomes a Feraligator, that's if he doesn't kill me by trying to dance on my head again and again for who knows how many times today Rodney removed Chompers from his head. He then pulled out his video phone and called his mother and introduced her to the group he was travelling with it truely was embarassing when she called Heather "Very pretty". After that he called and received his latest batch of tests lucky for him they were tests that were applied to what might happen in a battle, angle of jump attacks,trajectory of beams and such. He knew his first hand experience would be great for him in this.

Joseh watched as each of the trainers went off to do their own things. It's quite a crew we have going here... He looked over to see Trevor sitting at a tree with the pokemon he called "Rosgry". Remembering Professor Oak's request, he pulled out the Pokedex card and slapped it into his Pokegear. I just have to wonder how many items can be made by using "Poke" as a portmanteau or prefix... The program initialized to a full version of the latest pokedex. Joseh was about to close the interface as the phone rang.

It was his mother.

Damnit, she really can't leave me alone... He pushed the button to accept the call. "Hello?"

"Joseh! Finally you answered the phone! Have you met with Professor Oak?"

"Yeah, yeah. I was just about to call you actually to let you know what happened..."

They continued to talk for about fifteen minutes. About what the professor told him to do, the Pokedex he obtained, and how he was now stuck with a group of kids.

"...It'll be good for you, Joseh. Just think when you start breeding pokemon on your own...you'll notice some similarities when the time comes."

"I guess." He paused. "I have to get going though."

"But you'll call me once in a while, right?"

"Yes mom..."

"I love you! Be careful out there!"

With a sigh of relief, Joseh closed the phone.

He looked over to Trevor, who was sitting at the base of a tree, and walked towards him. "Hiya."

Trevor didn't respond. Rosgry tilted his head up at him. "Um...hello--"

"Listen, I appreciate you taking me to Oak and everything, but I'm going to say this once: back off. Rosgry and I have been able to handle ourselves for a while now; I don't need him being snatched away by some knowledge hungry scientist."

Joseh blinked and crouched down to his level. "Oak wouldn't be the type to do that. Besides, the only people desperate enough to do something like that would be those thugs from Team Rocket."

Trevor shrugged. "Says the guy whose Growlithe nearly bit my leg off."

Joseh blinked, surprised not only that Noah managed to get at him, but the fact that Trevor noticed. "But you were--"

"I know it was wrong and all, but I still needed to get money to take care of Rosgry."

Joseh sighed and sat next to him in the tree. "And so the magician attempts to make his motives disappear. Alas, a man in the crowd sees how he does the trick, yet does not call him out."

"Huh?" Rosgry imitated Trevor's word in his own voice.

"The gas pellets, the elaborate costume, even the way you presented yourself. What you did back there was by no means an improvised act. Someone desperate for money wouldn't have pulled off something like that. It was practiced, perfect. Well, save for the extraneous factors of several trainers tailing you."

Trevor didn't say anything.

Joseh motioned to the trainers before them. "The audience remains captivated, but the man only asks a simple question. He knows how the magician uses his tricks, but does not say anything--"

"English, please." Rosgry gave a snicker.

"Why?" Joseh straightened himself up on the tree and looked at Trevor. "Why do you hide your intentions?"

Trevor gave a nervous look along with Rosgry.

"I'm not going to rat you out. Please, tell me your story; I'd like to hear it."

Well, why not?
"Never really knew my parents" Trevor started out, "Doesn't matter really it was just me and my brother Elliot, he looked after me. We really didn't get on though. I wanted to travel around, my name in lights that kind of thing. It wasn't til after I found Rosgry and left home that I realized it was gonna be tough. We weren't able to get jobs. It was either 'nobody buys into magic no more' or 'or get that freak pokemon outta my shop!'. So yeah we turned to crime. Not like we like it but if it means we get something to eat once in a while then it would have to do. So yeah thats our story"

Joseh was taken aback. After a while Trevor left to get his stuff ready with the others.

ooc: AZSolli, Trevor is the same age as Joseh perhaps if they had something of a turbulant friendship similar to Batman and Superman. Ideological opposites.

ooc: We gonna get moving now?

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